High class escort Luna from Alkmaar

High class escort Luna from Alkmaar

A little bit more about high class escort Luna

Occasionally we ask a high class escort to answer some personal questions or to tell something more about themselves. This time we asked high class escort Luna, based in Almere, a city near Amsterdam, Utrecht and 't Gooi. Luna is a very tall and slender Dutch lady, who is very sociable and down to earth. However, behind closed doors Luna is a naughty lady, who with the right connection also enjoys experimenting with BDSM. Read a bit more about high class escort Luna!

The Bucket List of escort Luna

"Approximately six months ago I started at luxury escortservice Society Service, after years of fantasizing about it. So far a great adventure in which I met many interesting people and added even more beautiful and naughty adventures to my memories. Do you wonder what I fantasize about? This is my erotic Bucket List."

Bisexual duobooking with high class escort Taylor

"Taylor is a beautiful blonde woman whose profile states that she can be playful, open-minded and also a bit more dominant. With my curious nature and (from time to time) submissive character in the game I went to the quarterly Society Service event last week to meet Taylor in person. After a few glasses of champagne and some chit-chat with other escorts she stepped into the room. Her strikingly beautiful toned body but especially her self-confidence stood out in the midst of all the other escorts. When we talked and I got to know her a little better, she turned out to have the same curiosity, humor, interests, kinky and naughty experiences and ideas as myself. My imagination started to run wild…"

Comment from Society Service; In the meantime this wish has been checked off (several times) from the Bucket List of escort Luna. It was such a nice experience for both escorts and the cliënt, that the escorts would like to repeat this fantasy as often as possible.

Visiting an exclusive party or couples club

"I admit: I get excited about beautiful men and beautiful women. Of beautiful men and beautiful women in a beautiful sensual setting. Certainly a beautiful sensual setting in which I would also be allowed to participate... On my own, however, I am not a couple and going to a couples club just seems to be more fun as a couple, or with a couple..."

An international booking

"This is the most dangerous on my bucket list because currently I can not (yet) be booked outside the BeNeLux. I like to travel, meet new people and experiences abroad, but I prefer to avoid 'aircrafts'. Take me by car or my personal favorite, by boat and I am completely in my element. Imagine; on a boat, beautiful women on the deck, a glass of champagne in your hand, while enjoying the lovely warm sunshines and then skinny dipping together... sounds good right? This year, however, I am starting a course to get rid of my fear of flying. No a boat fan? Then I hope you have a little patience... maybe I will pass with flying colors and confidently walk  into a plane in 2019 to pay you a visit!"

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