New cancellation conditions with our escortservice

New cancellation conditions with our escortservice

A new year with new conditions regarding cancellation

With our high-end escort service we serve clients with very different backgrounds and talents. Obviously, we take their suggestions and feedback seriously. After all, it is never too late to learn something new and there is always room for improvement. For example, we were recently informed that our cancellation policy is a bit complicated and whether it couldn't be simpler.

So we took a critical look at that. Indeed, the cancellation policy was a bit complicated. Is your booking longer or shorter than 24 hours? In the Netherlands or abroad? Are you canceling for the first time or do you do this often? Have you placed a Guaranteed Booking or not? There were quite a few things to take into account. After a lot of puzzling, and thorough consultation with our lawyer and the input of a number of clients, we have put together a new, improved and simpler cancellation policy. You can find this in its entirety in our Terms and Conditions, but we explain the most important changes here.

Guaranteed Bookings are extended

A year ago we first introduced the concept of "Guaranteed Bookings". These have been created to offer clients with requests for dates on which the escort is not available an opportunity to ask the escort to change the plans for the client, under the condition that the booking cannot be canceled free of charge. And this is still possible now. However, what exactly is a Guaranteed Booking has been supplemented. For example, bookings that require an above-average time effort from the escort, due to the length of the booking and/or the travel distance, are a Guaranteed Booking. But also when your booking takes place on the main Dutch holidays or starts outside our opening hours. Finally, we can also make a Guaranteed Booking a condition for you, for example because you have canceled more often in the past.

Client Levels are more important

At our escort service we have been working with Client Levels for over a decade. The more often you book with us and the more fun our escorts find bookings with you, the higher your Client Level can rise. There were limited benefits associated with this, such as saving extra loyalty points or the option of a Premium Member Account. It has now been added that your cancellation options are also linked to your Client Level. The idea behind this is that it is not logical to apply the same cancellation conditions to a person who has not previously booked with us, as to a client with whom we have already gained extensive pleasant experience.

The cancellation conditions of our escortservice

Different cancellation conditions apply per Client Level, which are divided into bookings that are guaranteed or not. You can always find the exact conditions in our Terms and Conditions, but in summary it comes down to this; the higher your Client Level, the more flexibility we are with regard to cancellations. We think it's an improvement, but if you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them. We greatly appreciate your involvement.


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