Limited availability of our high end escorts

Contrary to popular belief, our high end escorts don't sit at home all day, dressed up and ready to go, waiting for bookings. A high end escort from Society Service is characterized by the fact that he or she is committed to a full-time study or job in daily life. In addition, the escort has a busy private life, consisting of friends, family, hobbies and various obligations.

Our escorts are only part time high end escorts, as an exciting addition to the aforementioned. The majority of our escorts accept a maximum of 1 or 2 bookings per week. The limited availability of the escorts has both advantages and disadvantages. A logical disadvantage is that your favorite escort may not always be available when it suits you best, especially when your request is last minute. However, a big advantage is that our high end escorts also experience a booking as special and not as a routine job as can be the case with professional escorts. The limited number of bookings and associated availability therefore contribute enormously to the intimate and genuine connection you as a client appreciate so much.

Due to the limited availability of our high end escorts, there may be various booking conditions where a Guaranteed Booking is required. A Guaranteed Booking cannot be canceled free of charge, not even well in advance. In addition, in many cases a deposit is required for your Guaranteed Booking.

We explain to you the circumstances under which a Guaranteed Booking is required.A Guaranteed Booking is always required if;

  • The door-to-door travel distance is more than 250 km and/or your booking is an International Booking.
  • Your booking commences outside our opening hours and/or on December 24, 25, 26, 31 or January 1st. Our opening hours are daily from ten o'clock in the morning until ten o'clock at night.
  • The total booking duration plus travel time to and from the booking is more than 24 hours. In the profile of each escort you can find in which region they live, with which the travel time can be calculated.
  • Your escort is only available for a Guaranteed Booking. This is then stated in the escort's profile.
  • Your two previous bookings have been canceled by you and/or 25% or more of your bookings in the past 5 years have been canceled by you.
  • We require this from you for placing a booking for any other reason. This will then be clearly communicated to you in advance.