Luxury dinner during the Corona crisis

Luxury dinner during the Corona crisis

Suggestions from our high class escort service for luxury dining in Corona times

It's exciting times right now. The Dutch economy, but also the rest of the world, has come to a halt now that the Corona pandemic is raging. Everyone deals with this situation in their own way. We can only encourage you to make choices that you consider sensible and comfortable, without posing a risk to others. While one person will enjoy themselves in the coming weeks or months with what the average delivery service provides or he or she can cook for himself, the other is currently missing some culinary delights. But of course you don't have to. In this blog we list the most luxurious delivery services in the Netherlands that our high class escort service has been able to find. The majority of these restaurants use UberEats or Deliveroo for delivery.

Options in Amsterdam by our escortservice

Restaurant Rijks, located in the center of Amsterdam, came soon after the mandatory catering closure with a delivery service of their luxury dishes. Rijks delivers the most luxurious dishes of Amsterdam. At restaurant Vessel from Amsterdam you can not only order tasty dishes, they also provide the drinks. Do you like to be in eastern spheres? Then the dishes of Neni Amsterdam will certainly appeal to you. More in the mood for a Burgundian dinner? Then it is best to take a look at Rijsel and at Scheepskameel. Other nice options are offered by trendy Amsterdam restaurants Bar Alt and The Lobby.

High class home dining in Rotterdam

Our high class escort service is based in Rotterdam. Although few of the better restaurants in Rotterdam have switched to delivering their dishes, a number of luxury delivery services are also active here. For example, you can browse the website of Bistro Belen, which mainly uses dishes from the region. One of the most famous restaurants in Rotterdam, restaurant Old Dutch has also started a delivery service. The trendy restaurant Cotazur in Rotterdam also delivers its dishes to your home.

The high end options in the rest of the Netherlands found by our high end escortservice

Top restaurant Olivijn from Haarlem now also offers their luxury dishes through a delivery service. An accompanying wine is also no problem, you can also order it. The Utrecht based restaurant Keuken van Gastmaal, known for their delicious organic meals, will deliver fresh meals together with catering company Wilde Wortels. Restaurant Noir from Utrecht also delivers luxury dishes at home. Are you located in the east of the Netherlands? Then take a look at restaurant De Loohoeve. Do you dare to stay in the south? Then the best luxury delivery options are those of restaurant Monarh from Tilburg, De Rozario from Helmond and De Treestwijkhoeve from Waalre.