Restaurants in Rotterdam

Restaurants in Rotterdam

Which restaurant to go to with your escort in Rotterdam?

Dinnerdates are among the most popular types of bookings at our high class escort service. And with many of our escorts based in Rotterdam, it is no wonder many dinner dates are in Rotterdam. Most clients however, are not from Amsterdam or The Netherlands at all and request our assistance for the selection of a nice restaurant in Rotterdam that is suitable for a dinner date with an high class escort. To simplify this selection, we have some advice for you. We update our suggestions at least once per year.

We prefer that you make the reservation yourself at the restaurant. In our opinion, this is first of all more discreet, you can then choose which personal data you provide for the reservation. Also, this makes you responsible for communicating any changes to the reservation. Finally, more and more restaurants require a deposit or credit card guarantee to complete the reservation. Obviously we cannot provide these these. That said, you are free to ask for our assistance with making a reservation. After all, we are here to assist you with all aspects of your booking with our high class escort service.

Our favorite restaurants in Rotterdam

Like our high class escorts, we also enjoy the finer things in life and fine dining is certainly one of them. We will share some of our personal favorites in Rotterdam with you. Please keep in mind it's just a suggestion, there is no cooperation of any kind between the Rotterdam restaurant and our high class escortservice.

Luxurious fine dining: Like any major world city, Rotterdam offers several fine dining options. Most of these restaurants are described as contemporary, modern cuisine, mostly French with international influences. Going there is an experience on it's own and I would strongly suggest to extend your dinner date to at least a 7 or 8 hour dinner date, or even better a long overnight, so you can enjoy their finest menu digestive. It's safe to say all restaurants who hold a Michelin star (or more then one) are great choices but our personal favorites are Parkheuvel, FG Restaurant, Joelia, De Harmonie 23, Fred, The Millen, Amarone, YANO, Aan de Zweth and Fitzgerald. Like with our high class escorts, advance bookings are recommended.

Easygoing atmosphere with great food: When you are looking for a less posh setting but a more comfortable and easygoing atmosphere but don't want to compromise on the quality of the food, Heroine, HMB Restaurant, Mara, FerminKlaargemaakt, Old Dutch, On CruAllure, Aji and In den Rustwat are the place to to. There restaurants all offer well above average dining, but in a setting that's less posh then the luxurious restaurants as described above. In particular for our Virgin Experience clients, we can imagine this is a preferred choice as the atmosphere is slightly more relaxed and easygoing.

Trendy and cool dining: Want to feel like a superstar for a day? With the most beautiful date on your arms? Then check out one of the more trendy dining options Rotterdam has to offer: FG Foodlabs, Joelia, Putaine, JACK and Azura. Please do keep in mind not all of our high class escorts will want to visit these Rotterdam hotspots out of discretion reasons. Since these are the type of restaurants her friends will most likely visit as well, she might be a bit hesitant to visiting with a gentlemen with who she would like her rendezvous with to remain discreet.

Fish and seafood: As a true harbor city, it will come as no surprise that there are some amazing fish restaurants available in Rotterdam. Indulge in fresh oysters, sashimi, fruits de mere, fresh fish dishes and so much more at Zeezout, Hotel New York (Basement), Fjord, Langoest and Harbourclub. For an extra experience, take the watertaxi to Hotel New York, or use the limousine service of restaurant Vis aan de Maas.

Amazing Italian restaurants: Our escorts are all asked for their favorite cuisine and many list Italian as their favorite cuisine. By "Italian" the escort means fine Italian dining and not just a pizza or pasta. Amazing Italian restaurants in Rotterdam are Tosca, Lux, Oliva and O'Pazzo. They offer fantastic traditional and not so traditional Italian dishes, from salade caprese to saltimbocca.

The best Asian restaurants: Another popular cuisine amour our escorts is Asian cuisine. From amazing sushi and asian fusion to traditional Japanese cuisine, Rotterdam has it all. For the best Asian restaurants go to YAMAOno, MoodThree, Azura and Umami. Restaurant Ono became famous after Madonna had dinner there, but it's been one of our personal favorites for years. Having said that, great new trendy Asian restaurants have opened up in Rotterdam that are very worth wile a visit. 

Vegetarian options: Worldwide, approximately 5% of all people are vegetarian, so chances are you or one of our escorts is vegetarian. Most of the finer restaurants and Indian restaurants will offer at least a few vegetarian dishes but there are also restaurants focussing fully on vegetarian cuisine. Here are our favorites: Williams CanteenRotonde, Leaf and Backyard. These restaurants have a very casual atmosphere. Looking for more luxury? Fine dining restaurants 't Ambachthuys and FG Restaurant in Rotterdam offer a vegetarian menu as well.

Special dining experiences: Rotterdam offers a few restaurants that are not the everyday choice but will provide a very special dining experience. At In de keuken van Floris you will be served small dishes with wines throughout the entire evening. And for the best view in town go to the restaurant in the 100 meter high Euromast. Restaurant Renilde is located in the modern museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Combine your museum visit with a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Special requests for Rotterdam

There are situations where a regular recommendation just won't do. You are experiencing difficulties finding the perfect place for your request and need our help? Well here are the answers to the most common requests.

A fantastic place for lunch: To find a suitable lunch location in Rotterdam isn't all that easy so here are some suggestions: Vineum, The ParkDe Harmonie 23, Fitzgerald, Amarone and Old Dutch. These restaurants offer a fine lunch in Rotterdam and are popular destinations for many locals.

A restaurant on sunday or monday: Okay, we all need a day off from work but do all of the best restaurants really have to close on either sunday or monday? Some don't and offer great dining options on those days as well: The Park, Zenne, FG Foodlabs, Prachtig, NHOW Elvy and Huson

Dinner in the late evening: Dutch people tend to eat early so it's no surprise most kitchens will close their kitchen around nine or ten in the evening. Some restaurants also offer (mostly casual) dining options in the later evening such as: HarbourclubYolo and 1Nul8. Please keep in mind the reduced dinnerdate rates only applies for bookings starting no later then 21.00 (9PM). The reason being that dinners starting this late in the evening tend not to be full dinner dates but more the "grab something to eat" type which we do not consider a dinner date. Read here what we think is a dinner date.

Extra discreet dining: If you desire absolute privacy with you high class escort then you are of course free to use roomservice or cook with or for your escort, during which the standard rates apply. To our repeat clients we also offer special arrangements such as chefs table, private dining, a private chef who cooks for you and so much more.

Looking for a cocktail or glass of wine with some snacks: If you are not interested in a full on dinner date but enjoy going out for a drink and have some snacks then there are a few hidden pearls that Rotterdam has to offer: Vineum, Heroine, Ontherockx, L'Ouest, Williams Canteen, 1Nul8, La Petite Soeur, Het eigendom, Mendoza and Abrazo. None of these locations are typical tourist attractions and all offer small bites in addition to a very extensive wine, cocktail and champagne collection, also by the glass. It is the perfect way to get romantic with your high class escort if you are not desiring a dinner date.

Recommendations and suggestions

As mentioned before, the places mentioned above are just suggestions. We have no cooperation of any kind with the suggested locations and they are only based on our personal preferences. Do you want your location to be added or removed then please send us an email and we will take your request into concideration.