Cooking at home with your escort or gigolo

Cooking at home with your escort or gigolo

A dinner date with a high class escort where you cook together during the pandemic

During the Corona or COVID-19 pandemic, home cooking is an increasingly attractive option. Various companies are cleverly responding to this by supplying ready-made packages with all ingredients for cooking at home. But it is of course much more fun to search for the tastiest recipes yourself, and then prepare and enjoy them together with your high class escort. Some of our high class escorts are great cooks and tell more about it.

High class escort Lauren from Utrecht likes to cook Italian and Asian

Lauren is a real Dutch blonde, living in Utrecht. In addition to her university studies, she has various hobbies, including cooking. She explains: "Making a delicious dish from all kinds of ingredients: cooking is something I love to do! For me it means experimenting, relaxing and enjoying, and what could be more fun to do it together? I cook the best Italian, but am quite creative and also love asian cuisine. Whatever you like the most: we make a fantastic meal together We can set the table, light some candles and turn on some romantic music, then enjoy the food and each other ... I'm looking forward to it! X"

The ultra intelligent escort Melody from Eindhoven cooks vegan

We previously noted that an above-average proportion of our high class escorts are vegetarian or vegan, and Melody is too. Not only this lady's hair color is fiery, also is her passion for cooking: "Providing an other with a delicious, filling and healthy meal is a perfect way to spoil someone. During a booking I will be happy to cook for you. Or, if you prefer, we can also cook together. A nice way to get to know each other! I cook vegan myself. I like to surprise people with everything that is possible with vegan cooking. Actually, everything is possible. Dishes, from appetizer to dessert, which are traditionally prepared with animal products, can be 'vegan' in surprising ways. Whether you want Asian, Italian, French, South American, it is all possible. Vegan meals with a very high nutritional value are my specialty. I always make sure that you leave the table with a full tummy. So the evening will start for you with a culinary surprise, but of course we will share the rest of the evening in a lot of other ways..."

Gigolo Eric always sees a way to make things naughty, also with cooking

Gigolo Eric loves eroticism and passion and sees in many things in life a way to combine this with each other. Similarly with cooking: "I like to cook with a nice lady or couple, favorite cuisine is Indonesian or Thai. You can prepare the dishes as a team, it is always a lot of carving and a lot of small dishes that have to be made, one cuts, jacks and marinates while the other person bakes, cooks grills, etc. Naughty chef's clothing recommended, a nice apron and whoops nothing underneath, beautiful face! Then dine for a long time and end up in a soft bed, delicious. Warm greetings, Eric"

Escort Vera who lives in Italy takes cooking to the next level

With pain in our hearts, Vera left the city of Rotterdam a few years ago to move to Italy. One of the reasons for this was because of her passion for cooking and the Italian lifestyle: "Cooking. For me there is (almost) nothing I prefer to do more. It starts in the morning when I wake up. What will I make for the lunch? The fridge is almost empty, so I have to do some shopping. I go to the market here in the center of Bologna, a place where food has been traded since the Middle Ages and the best place for inspiration. You will only find products of the season. At Alberto I buy a few artichokes and of course the holy trinity I need for the broth: carrot, onion and celery. At the butcher I am greeted warmly by Giuliano who, as always, asks if I'm already engaged. We joke back and forth and then I order a chicken, a few ox bones and a rib. I also take some guanciale. A pickled pork cheek. Much richer and tastier than pancetta! Time to go home. I first put the stock on the stove: I fill a tall large pan with water, add the meat, the bones, a scraped carrot, a few celery sticks and an onion cut in half. After 3 to 4 hours of cooking over low heat you have a delicious broth. Perfect for the risotto I'm going to make. I clean the artichokes. That is a laborious job, but the result makes it more than worth while. And they are also super healthy! Then the rice: in the Netherlands, recipes usually prescribe 'arborio' rice, but rather look for 'carnaroli'. This variant absorbs the broth without becoming mushy. I heat some olive oil in a pan and add a chopped onion. I also add the artichoke stems cut into small pieces. Make sure that the onion does not color, that would make the risotto less attractive. When the onion is translucent and soft, I add the rice. A handful per person is a nice portion. It always seems too little, but trust me, the rice expands and is more than enough. The rice must be "roasted" without discoloration. When all the grains of rice are warm, add a generous glass of white wine. People always ask me if it matters what kind of wine you use. My motto: wine that is good to drink is good to cook with. When the alcohol has evaporated from the wine, I add a ladle of my delicious stock. Now it is important to keep stirring the rice. It must always keep moving in order for the starch to mix with the moisture. Whenever the broth is absorbed by the rice, I add a little more. After about 20 minutes I taste how far the rice has cooked. Just like with pasta: cook the rice al dente! The core of the grain of rice should not be "chalky", but it should still have a bite. I am happy with the cooking. I take the pan off the heat and add a handful of grated Parmigiano Reggiano with a good lick of butter and some freshly ground black pepper. When everything is mixed well together, you should have a risotto that flows nicely into the plate. I garnish my risotto with some wafer-thin fried artichoke leaves and some fried cubes of guanciale. And because a little extra bit of happiness doesn't hurt: a few drops of beautiful traditional balsamic vinegar. Buon appetito! "

Glamour model and high class escort Valerie enjoys mediterranean

High class escort Valerie works as a professional glamour model. You would expect that this sexy lady would prefer to parade around the pool in high heels. And although she probably likes that too, she also likes to cook: "My mother is of Mediterranean origin, and although it is only partly in my blood, my family is quite traditional. For example, people have been eating at one of the aunts on Sundays for many years, every other week at someone else... you can arrive when you feel like it, no obligation. There is cooking, tapas in large numbers... I can think of as many as 20. I learned from a young age, nothing is better than tasting many kinds of flavors. Just like with sex, where it is also fun to try different things. Anyway, cooking is something from the heart, which you either love or not. For me, cooking brings fun, atmosphere, relaxation and sometimes with the right people a lot of excitement."

High class escort Dalia enjoys experimenting... also in the kitchen

At first glance, Dalia is the perfect modest student, with a beautiful long and slender body. But the twinkle in her eyes suggests something else, because this lady likes to experiment... also in the kitchen: "I really enjoy cooking, because for me it is a relaxing form of creative expression. Endless experimentation with recipes and making them my own are great fun to me. At weekends I am often in the kitchen trying new recipes: from lentil soup with orange to a bread board with homemade dips like hummus. Cooking together is even more fun, because then you can copy each other and cook even better, and of course it is super fun to get to know each other while cooking, then light the candles and enjoy what you have with a glass of wine. I always find the way someone is in the kitchen very characteristic about that person. By cooking together you get to know each other quickly and in a fun way. I also like to cook for someone, I like the challenge of finding something that suits the person.  When I think about what I will be cooking, I often end up with something Mediterranean, Asian or Italian. These are often such tasty, healthy dishes with warm flavors that are easy to vary, and often vegetarian. My specialties are ramen with marinated tofu, pumpkin soup and chili sin carne."