How to introduce yourself at our escortservice

How to introduce yourself at our escortservice

How do you introduce yourself to our high class escortservice?

On our website you will find the profiles of all high class escorts with whom we are currently working. In these profiles you will find a very extensive character description. Just as you would like to read more about your high class escort, they would also like to receive more information about you as a client.

When you place a booking with our high escortservice for the first time or use our tailor-made matchmaking, you will be asked to tell us more about yourself. To help you get started, we will tell you more about what you can say about yourself.

Nice to meet you...

When you first get to know someone in everyday life, one of the first questions is often "What do you do in everyday life?". Also tell us more about your education and work in your introduction to our escortservice. But fortunately life consists of more than work, so what do you like to do besides work? Do you have any hobbies? Do you practice a sport? Do you like to travel?

In addition to what you do, we would also like to know more about who you are. So describe a number of character traits that best describe you. Are you having trouble with this? Then think about what your best friends would say about you. How would they describe you?

The above are the most important things in your introduction. However, there is much more to tell. A short list for inspiration;

  • Do you smoke? Do you consume alcoholic drinks?
  • How do you approach life? A real optimist or pessimist? Down to earth or spiritual? Bon Vivant or more sober?
  • What are your ambitions, dreams and future plans?
  • What are you like as a conversation partner? Active and a natural leader or more reserved?
  • Which character traits of others do you like or are a turn off?
  • How did you decide to make a booking with our high class escort service?
  • Do you already have experience with high class escorts or other forms of sex work? Are there things you would like to be different now?

What not to share...

In an introduction about your personality, it is not desirable to share your wildest erotic desires, talk about what you are like as a lover, the size of your genitals, etc. There is plenty of room for that at a later time.

For reasons of discretion, we would also like to ask you not to provide information about where you work, whether as an employee or as the owner of the company. You also do not have to share your religious beliefs and medical matters, unless these could influence the booking.


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