A perfect tailor-made match between escort and client

The tailor-made matchmaking option, is the most elaborate and successful matchmaking option we provide, if you are willing to invest some time in it. Not only does it take up to 24 hours to receive our suggestions, a tailor-made match requires you to provide more information about yourself, your likes and dislikes, fantasies, dreams and more. See us as your best friend, with whom you can share anything. After all, we know our escorts best and are therefore your best partner in crime, when selecting the perfect escort for you.

Make the difference between an exceptional and an ordinary experience

When you complete the matchmaking form below, we will have enough information to find the perfect match for you. A prudent selection process will mean the difference between an exceptional and an ordinary experience, so talk openly (yet politely) with us, to make sure you are paired with the best possible escort or gigolo for just you. If you are going to do something good for yourself, do it right. And isn’t “exceptional” what you are looking for after all?

Matching physical and mental preferences

Our matchmaking process consist of far more then just matching your physical preferences. To make a match in terms of physical similarities to your dream escort is the easy part. The magic happens when matching the personality of the escort to yours, his or her dreams, passions and desires. If you think that is all just too much trouble for you, then save us all the efforts and just browse through the other matchmaking options and the pictures of our escorts and pick whomever you think looks best. The escort will always do her very best to give you the best experience possible, but your experience has more potential for both you and the escort if your match is based on more than appearance.

We will tell you who your perfect escort is

We will most likely get back to you with a few escorts or gigolos that we think are your best matches. In addition, we will also tell you what type of booking we think suits your needs best. We are not interested in promoting the most expensive escort for the most expensive booking to you, we are interested in advising you the most suitable escort and booking type. There is a big difference. We might even conclude that our escort service is not suitable for you at all. If what you are looking for does not match what we offer, we prefer to decline your booking request, instead of just sending you one of our escorts and hope for the best. Like you, our escorts have expectations and when we (and you) fail to meet them, they will leave our company. One might even say, our intentions for the perfect match are rather selfish. After all, by keeping our escorts happy, they stay with our escort service, resulting in more happy, returning clients.