How the high class escort prepares for a booking

How the high class escort prepares for a booking

When will your escort start preparing for your booking?

When we confirm your booking with our escortservice, there are several things that are done in preparation for the booking. First of all, we communicate to your high class escort the booking details and any preferences you may have. The escort needs these details to prepare for your booking, but they are also part of the anticipation. Your escort also likes to look forward to your booking and likes to read more about the client in question.

The date on which your booking takes place is automatically removed by us from the availability of the high class escort. The escort often chooses to block the days before and after the booking in the availability, because most of our high class escorts do not want to do more than 1 or 2 bookings per week. But what else is happening behind the scenes?

The high class escort takes your booking into account in her planning

In addition to removing the online availability, the escort will also take into account her planning for this booking in other ways. If she has a booking with you during the day, she will decline invitations from friends to a party the night before. The escort also ensures that she has sufficient time to prepare for the booking prior to the booking. It is also likely that other clients will show interest in the escort, but these requests will be declined.

Your escort will ensure that she looks tip-top

The day before the booking, the escort will prepare her clothes and lingerie for your booking. Things such as nails on hands and feet, well-groomed skin and hair and regular exercise are also things that the escort incorporates into her beauty ritual. A few hours before the escort leaves for your booking, after an extensive bathing ritual, she will change into a beautiful outfit and leave for your booking. Along the way, she will review the details of the booking to refresh her memory.

The preparation for your escort booking

As you can see, the preparation of your high class escort for your booking is usually a process that takes several hours, if not several days. Our escorts have this exciting part-time job in addition to a full-time job or study. They are not seasoned professionals who spend all day ready to leave for the next booking. This has a positive influence on the booking, which is also a special experience for the escort. However, it also means that your escort cannot be with you within an hour. At least a few hours notice is required but more is desired. After all, an escort who has to rush to a booking will arrive at the booking less comfortably than an escort who could prepare in peace and has been looking forward to the booking for a while!


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