Preparation for your escort booking

Preparation for your escort booking

A client tells how he prepares for an escort booking

Clients regularly tell about their experiences with our high class escort service. From short messages after the booking to let us know that it was a successful booking, to extensive feedback and passages from diaries. One of our clients has been booking with our escort service for a long time. He tells us how he prepares for his bookings. Perhaps a source of inspiration for others…

A week prior to the escort booking

"Preparation starts a week in advance with the choice and reservation of a restaurant. I usually look for something hip with a modern appearance. I know that my favorite escort is vegetarian, so I also check whether the menu has enough vegetarian options.

During the rest of the week I tidy up my apartment: I clean every room, especially the bathroom, the bedroom, and the toilet. I also make sure that the clothes I want to wear are washed and ironed. In addition, I already put the number for a taxi company in my phone, and I provide cash to pay for the taxi. I also look around for a nice present, or I buy her a rose."

On the day of the escort booking

"On the day itself, I first go to the supermarket for the breakfast supplies for the next morning. Croissants or an egg always do well. At home I put the finishing touches on my apartment: I make the bed with fresh sheets, and put some candles ready. In the bathroom I put a towel, a drinking cup, and a nice body scrub for her in the shower.

Then I take care of myself in the bathroom. I shave, trim my nails, brush my teeth, and take a long shower. I put on some aftershave and deodorant and get dressed. In terms of clothing, I go for the 'classy casual' look: dark jeans, neat shirt, and jacket. Fifteen minutes before the date starts, I take a mint."

During the escort booking

"As for the date, it usually starts at 6:00 PM and ends at 10:00 AM the next morning. I made the reservation at the restaurant for 6:30 AM. After entering she puts her things away and we have a drink and we talk, after which the taxi arrives for transport to the restaurant. In the restaurant I take my time. I always ask her after the main course if she would like a dessert, and then I ask if she would like another coffee. Of course I pay for everything. I I have a rule that before we get back from the restaurant, there's no physical intimacy.

Back home I first light the candles and put on some background music. Then we sit on the couch, and the more intimate part of the evening begins. I'd rather not go into details here, but give a few insights: first, I let her set the pace for the most part. I also give her enough space during the evening to retreat to the bathroom or somewhere else. I don't have to be with her all the time. Concerning the sex, I make it clear how much I am enjoying it, and I make sure that she does too. The more she enjoys it, the more I enjoy her.

After sex we shower and chat in bed before going to sleep. The next morning we have sex again, after which she takes a shower and I prepare breakfast. By the time we finish breakfast it is already 10 o'clock. Before she leaves the house, I let her know one more time how much I loved it. In the following week I will send another e-mail to Marike with the same message."


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