High class escort Lexy and couples

High class escort Lexy and couples

High class escort Lexy from Amsterdam and couples

Our bisexual high class escorts are happy to be booked by couples. It is a lot of fun for the escorts to be part of a memorable get-together, where they get an insight into a special connection between two people and can be part of it for a while.

Because Lexy responded so enthusiastically to a recent booking with a couple and the feedback we receive about her from couples is so positive, we asked her to write a nice blog about it, and she did! Below, high class escort Lexy from Amsterdam talks about her experiences with couples. She discusses from A to Z how a booking with a couple works and Lexy, from her vision as a high class escort, answers the questions she most often encounters with couples.

The joy of a couple booking

"Last week it happened again, a booking with a couple. A very exciting evening for the couple in question as it was their first experience with a threesome! It is a common fantasy among men, but I can tell you, this beautiful lady was just as eager to have her first experience with a woman. For years they had fantasized together about what it would be like to make this fantasy come true. But in everyday life it is not easy to arrange a threesome, because where can you find two beautiful women who, in addition to their desire for a man, also desire each other? After all, sharing a bed with a man AND a woman, is there anything more to wish for than that? The couple spontaneously decided last week the right moment had approached. Being booked by a couple is something I really enjoy. Nothing is as wonderful as being part of the love between two people, seeing the loving looks they secretly give each other and giving them a wonderful experience.

Why book a high class escort as a couple

Why book an escort and not seduce a nice lady in a club or bar? Because the expertise of an escort ensures that it will be an unforgettable evening for everyone. Such a first time is simply very exciting and even when it is not your first time, evenings like this provide wonderful butterflies in the stomach. You will be put at ease and an uninhibited setting will be created in which everything is possible within your wishes and boundaries. Everyone is allowed to be themselves and romance and intimacy play a major role. So no uncomfortable situations in bars and cafes and above all, no hassle! In stead you are guaranteed a wonderful evening, that you can talk about and enjoy for weeks to come. It is a discreet way to fulfill this fantasy.

Start of a booking with the couple

Then the time has finally come! The moment that you have been looking forward to for so long, that you have been talking and fantasizing about for so long, how fun is that? The booking often starts with the man picking me up from the hotel lobby downstairs, or we start with a drink in the hotel bar. And then suddenly I'm there, that lady from the photos is suddenly standing in front of you. I am often described afterwards as authentic, spontaneous and sociable. The real girl next door with a hidden sexy side that will put you completely at ease. We also ensure discretion here. It often happens that the couple tells me that I can leave my high heels and black minidress at home and that I should wear jeans and sneakers. Normal is exciting enough. You are welcome to list any wishes you have though.

Booking a high class escort is super exciting

With this type of booking - where a couple books an escort - the following is important; that the woman of the couple feels extremely comfortable. That she feels seen, that she feels safe and, above all, sexy and attractive. We start with a drink to get to know each other, until everyone feels comfortable. But that's not how we end the evening.

We take plenty of time to get to know each other. We have a nice chat so that you can relax and your nerves can slowly calm down. Couples have often been looking forward to this moment for weeks, there has been a lot of anticipation but also many moments of nerves and uncertainties. And then the moment has finally arrived! It's finally happening!

A good build-up is crucial. For me it is very important that the woman slowly starts to relax and tells me what her wishes and expectations are. Nothing is crazy, nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed and setting boundaries is necessary. Some couples would rather not have me kiss the man or have penetrative sex with me, while the other couple would rather try everything and gradually find out what works for them and what doesn't. As the evening progresses, I can feel exactly whether everyone is still feeling good about the progress. I pay close attention to body language and I ask a lot of control questions. Particularly to the woman, her well-being and pleasure are the starting point of the evening for me. It should be joyful for everyone, because what is the secret to a happy marriage again? Happy wife, happy life…

Am I not being left out? Jealousy? What if I realize halfway through that I don't like it?

One of the most common insecurities is the appearance and abilities of the escort, or whether feelings arise. The fact is that we are all beautiful ladies with a beautiful body and also good in bed. At the same time, there is also professionalism and discretion and there is no chance that the adventure will lead to a love triangle. Much more likely it will lead to more fire in your love- and sexlife!

There's no need to feel insecure, although it is normal that you do have some feelings of insecurity. Making you both feel at ease is therefore of great importance. When you relax, you tend to let go of these feelings of insecurity. And no, nobody will be left out of the threesome, unless specifically requested. As a professional, I will make sure of that but I welcome you to provide input and suggestions at any time. With my empathic ability I can sense many things, but unfortunately I cannot read minds.

Eroticism during a booking with a couple

When I notice that everyone is relaxed, I often suggest taking a bath together. A large bath is certainly appreciated. I ask the woman to sit with me and slowly I start caressing her arms and neck. I ask her how she feels and when the answer is a big smile, I know I can continue.

I now focus completely on her and ask if I can take off her dress. I do this very slowly and while undressing I admire her beautiful body and lingerie out loud. We women put a lot of effort into these kinds of exciting evenings (and that should be seen and mentioned, gentlemen!). When she stands in front of me in her lingerie, I caress her neck, back, arms and stomach and run my hands through her hair while I look at her. Then I ask her if she wants to help me undress.

During this whole process the man is allowed to watch and I can tell you that most people don't mind. When I stand in front of her in my lingerie I ask if I can kiss her. Such a first kiss is often very special, especially for women who are having a bisexual experience for the first time. They feel how soft a woman is, how different she smells and how sensual her movements are. This is often very exciting. Then it's time to take a bath together, where we take our drinks and snacks and continue the conversation. A calm build-up in which the tension is already palpable makes the second part of the party all the more fun, right?

Also during sex I focus on the woman first. I enjoy giving and receiving foreplay just as much, from and with both men and women. In that respect, I am 200% bisexual. I don't want to reveal everything just yet, but I can assure you that both the man and woman and of course I will thoroughly enjoy the sex. With one couple the sex is softer and more sensual, sometimes we go on an adventure with fun sex toys and kamasutra-worthy threesome positions or the handcuffs and whips are taken from my bag. As long as all three of us enjoy this, my mission is accomplished!"


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