Sextoys our escortservice recommends for couples

Sextoys our escortservice recommends for couples

Surprise the high class escort or gigolo from Society Service with a sextoy for couples

In two previous blogs we already presented you a list of sextoys that are currently very popular with the high class escorts and gigolos from Society Service. In the first blog we selected sex toys that are specifically aimed at the enjoyment of women, while in the other we showed a list of toys that were made primarily for the pleasure of men. Although a number have already been discussed in the previous blog, we hereby also give you a selection of sex toys that offer pleasure for him and for her. Ideal gifts for when you not only want to spoil the escort, but also yourself.

Lovely 2.0 Vibrating Couples Ring

We already wrote about it in the previous blog, and we didn't do it for nothing. This Lovely 2.0 vibrating couples ring has it all. The ring that is worn by the penis and stimulates the clitoris in the meanwhile, comes with an app that learns what you and your bed partner like in bed. To make it even more spectacular, the app even suggests new positions to make sex even better than it already is! In short, absolutely the perfect gift for mutual enjoyment.

Lelo Tor 2

As soon as the high class escorts and gigolos from Society Service get hold of this Lelo Tor 2, they always get excited again. Why? The vibrating ring is worn by the man and gives unforgettable pleasure to both man and woman. But there is more. The ring gives users the power to control their pleasure. That means: heavy orgasms which are much more intense!

Gpop Prostate Massager

Ask the male and female escorts of Society Service what their favorite sex toy is and many of them will answer: the Gpop prostate massager. Thanks to the anatomical shape, both the G-spot and the P-spot will be served. But that’s not all! The powerful motor also focuses on the internal and external zones, so no space will be unused.

Rianne S - Duo vibe deep purple

The name says it all, this Duo vibe deep purple vibrator is specially designed for couples who want to experience pleasure at the same time. With strong vibrations and a beautiful design, this Duo vibrator is an absolute must-have for any couple who love sex toys!

Tiani 2

As a global hit, that's how the Tiani 2 is known today. This colorful vibrator, which is made of soft and flexible silicone, is worn by the woman and is equipped with the exclusive Sensemotion. In other words, it’s a technology that ensures the sensations can be controlled by a remote control. One thing is certain, with this Tiani 2 from the well-known brand Lelo, couples rise to even greater heights!