Book an escort individually but still as a couple

Book an escort individually but still as a couple

Inspiration by a couple who books with our high class escortservice

When a couple places a booking with our high class escort service, it is often for an exciting threesome experience. A bisexual escort is then invited to visit the couple together. In this way, the couple can bring an exciting fantasy to life with a lot of privacy and security, which can provide a breath of fresh air within the relationship.

But there are also completely other bookings for couples imaginable. We asked a couple who are an inspiration for this to tell us more about how they place bookings with our escortservice and the process that preceded this. Although this is done in full consultation, the booking itself is not together. Both book their own escort and are happy to tell you'll about it. Perhaps the process they went through as a couple can inspire others… it certainly inspired us!

How we as a couple together but still individually use an escortservice

"The decision to live as a couple should never annihilate us as individuals, our dreams, our needs, our inner voice nor our most deep desires and fantasies. Society, educational systems, group believes, religions or any other tradition should not dictate the way we should or should not behave or do as a couple. It sounds obvious at first, since no one can indeed interfere in our decisions, but the point of the previous statement was deeper. How much in compliance were we with these conventions without even noticing it? And how that was slowly silencing us as individuals throughout life? Were we willing and able to break those ideas together, question the self-imposed definitions and re-writing them?  

This was the starting point for one of the most amazing and mature conversation among us, a very “conventional” married couple. It was also the moment in time that forever will mark the beginning of a new journey together, on the second half of our lives. A great cliché perfectly fits here… It is never too late! 

We redefined many concepts within the relation such as what does it really mean to be together in a relation? In what situations is one betraying the other? Who or what said that monogamy is the way we should be, and why did we accept it as such? Why are we jealous and about what exactly? What were the fundamental key points to feel safe in the relation? Up to which point should we act upon our freedom without hurting the other we love?

Once the clear and open communication about these questions was established a brand-new world opened in front of us. It is like finding out a new partner within the old one being able to express even the most “before suppressed” parts of themselves. There was a mask that slowly drops and starts to reveal a more human side of your partner that, just like you, was feeling too ashamed to speak up the most natural things in life. Yes! I would love to explore more my sexuality, Yes! I feel attracted to other people, Yes! I was afraid to spend the rest of my life without having the opportunity to realize my sexual fantasies, Yes! I wish to f* someone else…

This type of communication brought a huge sense of freedom and empowerment that immediately had an impact in our self-confidence, positive attitude in life, and even in the way to relate with others around. A new sense of fascination for each other raised too, we become more alike and truthy connected in total complicity. To whom else makes sense to share these aspects of you, if not with your partner? Was not that, one of the main reasons why we have decided to make a path together? Why had we forgotten about it along the way? The inner inquiry of the things deeply trapped in us and the overcome of the communication barriers is also a process of self-discover that is not to be neglected. So, the intention of allowing freedom of no longer impose borders around the way the other explores as an act of pure love and respect was there, but the way to make it real it was something else.

Together we reach out the big moment of discussing how we were going to deal with that now-exposed new reality and making it concrete. There was one thing we decided right at the beginning, whatever was the option, we wanted to plan it together at the tiniest detail, we wanted to have fun with the whole process, it was going to be a huge step in our revitalized and much more mature relation. We needed to make it in a way that it was stress-free, safe, fun and we want us both to experience it simultaneously to deepen the excitement around the event. For all those reasons a professional option was the best one to follow. 

It was not difficult to find out that Society Service was the agency we should focus on, due to the clear information available about the bookings, the privacy, the high level of professionalism of all the involved ones and of course let’s be honest, the first-class profiles that makes one mind wonder in anticipated excitement. It was way too delightful the evenings we spend reading the descriptions, giving tips to each other on which ladies or gentlemen to choose, to fill in the booking questionnaire together, to decide on the restaurants, the hotels (nearby each other), the clothes, the gifts… It was our little secret, the excitement of only us knowing it (Marike probably found out on her own), the breaking up of expected behavior and rules, the complicity, and the happiness for ourselves but for our partner. 

And the day came, and we both experience it just like each of us imagine with the guarantee that the other was having a great time too. There was also that extra of knowing that the other was in a close by hotel a few hundred meters away. Who we both encounter right at the first moments of the date, it was exactly like what is stated in the descriptions (or we should we say even better), the personality, the peculiarities, the look, the sense of humor, their interests. It is all so authentic and for that reason so special. The professionalism, the soft skills, the level of preparation, the dedication shown. 

The escort and gigolo of our choice were just the perfect choice, both simply amazing. The instant connection felt at the first time was the reason for follow up bookings, one better than the other. At the end of the time, both of us left our companions and meet again, to spend the rest of the night together. It is of no need to say that we spend it, talking about the experiences in an electrifying and aroused state.

We wanted our decision about our relation to be marked by amazing experiences for both of us. That would make it even more solid based on positive experiences forever linked to unforgettable memories. And so, it was. We will never forget that day. We are 100% sure that Society Service was the right choice for our first (and following) experiences. To our companions for making it happen the perfect way and of course to Marike. Let the self-discovery, exploration and the fun continue at Society Service!"


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