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Escort for Couples

Bisexual high class escort for couples

More and more (male-female) couples are looking for a discreet way to explore their sexuality by inviting an other bisexual woman to join them for an erotic adventure. It is however not easy to find a suitable high class escort. One who is genuinely bisexual, discreet, beautiful, sensual and intelligent. 

By inviting an experienced high class bisexual escort you can match your preferences with a discreet and no-strings-attached adventure that is pleasurable for all parties. The setting of such an adventure is non-rushed, exciting and relaxing, with open and free communication. Your escort will make sure you are both at ease, fulfilling your fantasies and hereby creating a new dimension to your relationship, not a threat.

Girlfriend Experience with a couple 

When our escorts spend time with a couple, they offer the same Girlfriend Experience as they would when they spend time with a gentleman. This Girlfriend Experience is romantic, sensual and passionate. The high class escort will take her time to get to know you both and set a romantic atmosphere. 

Comfort of the female client is priority

The comfort of her female client is priority, and to avoid overstepping any boundaries, the escort will let her take the lead. When it's time to play, the escort will focus on the female client, unless she is requested to divide her attention as equally as possible. Feel free to express your desires, both before or during the booking. The escort will easily and with great pleasure adapt to your preferences and make all your fantasies come true, within your personal boundaries and preferences. 

Eroticism with both male and female client

Your bisexual escort will enjoy eroticism with both men and women and will actively participate with both male and female while being in a threesome. The escort will kiss, cuddle, massage and make love to you. Whether you enjoy hot and steamy or romantic and soft, your time together will be heavenly!

Other recommendations for couples who book a bisexual escort

Booking duration: We recommend you book at least 3 hours with your high class escort. Experience has shown this is the minimum amount of hours needed for an intimate, romantic and passionate rendezvous. Not only will the escort take a little bit more time to get to know you both, do not underestimate your nerves. For most couples this is a very exciting, possibly first time, experience and some nerves are therefore completely normal. Your escort will first make sure everybody is feeling relaxed and comfortable, before moving more to eroticism.

Booking type: Although the majority of our couple bookings are standard bookings with a duration of 3 to 8 hours, Dinner Dates are also possible. A 6 to 8 hour duration is recommended.

Informed Consent: To assure a fully consensual experience, all parties must be fully informed of and agreement with the booking. For that reason, it is not possible to book one of our escorts as a surprise for your partner. Don't forget that part of the fun is your preparation for the booking; discussing this fantasy with your partner, selecting a high class escort, preparing for the booking and more.

Choice of escort: The escorts available for couples are all experienced and confident in eroticism with men and women and genuinely enjoy this. Some of our escorts are more experienced in couples bookings, which usually makes them a better choice. However, do not only base your choice on eroticism and appearance, but especially on the character descriptions of our escorts. Find someone who appeals to both of you. If desired, we can assist you with your choice with our Tailormade Matchmaking.

Safe sex: Many couples do not use a condom during sex, while they are used for oral, vaginal and anal sex during your booking with the high class escort. If you have little or no experience with condoms, we advise you to use a condom with your partner prior to booking, so that you are familiar with the feeling.

The escort will respect your boundaries

We advise you to discuss with your partner prior to your booking whether there are any limits to the experience you want to share with the high class escort. If you have any specific preferences or "rules", please make sure to inform us or the escort up front. Some examples of common requests are:

  • You want the high class escort to focus on a lesbian experience for the female client.
  • The high class escort cannot have actual intercourse with the male client.
  • You are looking for a more naughty experience and want the escort to bring her favorite toy.
  • As a couple, you want sexlessons from the experienced high class escort on how to improve your current sexlife.

Our escorts are more than happy to follow any preferences, rules, special requests and fantasies you might have as long as everybody involved is happy with these. If any boundaries or rules change during the booking, this can only be acted upon after a clear moment of reflection and not on a whim.

Rates for couples who book a high class escort

There's a surcharge involved for couples who want to book a bisexual escort to join them for a threesome. The surcharge also applies when you book multiple escorts at the same time. The surcharge is €50 per hour, with a maximum of €250 per 24 hours, if decided in advance. You can use the calculator below to calculate the rate excluding travel expenses.

21 Escorts who are bisexual and available for couples

The escorts listed here are bisexual and available to visit male-female couples. Our high class escorts do not visit male-male couples.