Gigolo Services of our high end escortservice

Gigolo Services of our high end escortservice

Special services with a high class gigolo

In many ways, the Society Service gigolos can be compared to a fine bottle of wine. Whether it's a Burgundy Champagne, a first-class Merlot or an irresistible Chardonnay, each and every one of our male escorts are tasteful, long lasting, full of character, well balanced, and like an unforgettable aftertaste, they will remain in memory for a long time. But there are more similarities with fermented grape juice.

As fine wine is better paired to certain dishes, a number of our gigolos flourish with special services and experiences. There are a number of our male escorts who are particularly good at the special duo booking. Other gigolos are very skilled at the Virgin Experience and those who fancy a night without strings attached, also for those women we have a number of gentlemen available who are very suitable.

Gigolos for couples and special duos

Many of the Society Service gigolos are booked by couples. And that is not for nothing! During the so-called gigolos for couples booking, couples can explore their sexuality in a discrete and unthreatened way. Another booking that frequently occurs is the special duo booking. Depending on the wishes of the couple, many options are possible. For example, you can see how a male and female escorts make love to each other, or you decide to be the subject of the spectacle instead, so that your voyeuristic and exhibitionist fantasies can be explored. Finally, you can also choose to organize an unforgettable foursome where you and your partner both have sex with another person, while still being together. Two gigolos who are extremely suitable for these specific bookings are Rafael and Mason. Two absolute hunks, who bring such a positive, cheerful and spontaneous energy that everybody feels right at ease.

Gigolos and Virgin Experience

Are you still a virgin, have you had just a few and unsatisfying sexual experiences or do you want to learn more about sexuality? In that case, the Society Service Virgin Experience is the experience you are looking for! Our gigolos are all sweet, handsome and understanding men, who take plenty of time to give you the most beautiful intimate experience of your life. Even for those who already have experience, but still want to learn something extra in a relaxed way, there are no better partners imaginable than our male escorts. Our Damian for example. A friendly, spontaneous and intelligent man, who will make you feel as if you have known each other for years. Another gigolo from Society Service who has the innate talent to make women feel special and relaxed is Greg. For every woman who decides to share her first time with one of our gigolos, we can guarantee that they will remember this Adonis for years to come.

No strings attached pleasure with a gigolo

Suppose, you are a successful business woman who is busy with her career, we can imagine that you do not always have the time and inclination to get involved in the dating circuit. Nevertheless, it is precisely these women who all benefit from a wonderful evening of no strings attached sex. Getting to know each other, while enjoying a good glass of wine and an excellent dinner, you will finally end the evening with delightful love-making. Not a bad thought, right? Moreover, with Eric and Daniel we have two gigolos who are very suitable companions for these types of occasions. Eric is a mature male escort and the summit of a total package. He loves life, is well travelled, can hold interesting conversations and, thanks to his extensive experience as a lover, he knows how pleasure you fully. Who we also can not leave unmentioned, is Daniel. A friendly, sweet and caring gentleman with a muscular body, who knows his way around the bedroom. With Daniel, you only have to close your eyes, after which you can let yourself go completely.