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Pastime with a high class escort

You don’t just have to stay in the bedroom to have a good time with a high class escort of Society Service. Do you realize that, although they are all without exception gorgeous and have a profession not available for everyone, our high class escorts are in fact ‘regular’ girls? Not in the sense that you can spot women like them everywhere, they are still quite exclusive after all… What we mean is that they have the same needs as other ordinary people and they do like common ‘ordinary people’-things. When you think of a dinner date, of course you think of a romantic dinner in a fabulous restaurant (with a mind-blowing and exciting dessert), but with a high class escort on your side all sorts of more or less ‘common’ things will get more enjoyable as well.

Shopping and dancing with a high class escort

A night at the theatre or a concert really becomes even nicer when you are accompanied by one of our beautiful ladies. But we can think of even more ways to spend time with an escort. You can explore the city or even get your very own ‘private tour’ because she lives in the city concerned and knows all the special places. You can even consider her your very fashion minded and critical ‘personal shopper’ when you are going to buy a new suit for instance. Most men really dislike shopping, but we can assure you that it will be a whole new experience for you when accompanied by a high class escort.

Of course you can go to a bar or discothèque with her if you like. You can look forward to all the envious looks you get when you go on the dance floor. Our ladies do know their ‘moves’ and will let you forget everything around you. In fact, it is the ultimate girlfriend experience. You are dating the most beautiful girl of the night and don’t have to be afraid of her leaving with someone else: you, and you alone, will take her to the hotel room…

The escort girls of Society Service are real courtesans

Going to the museum, having a canal cruise or visiting any other kind of tourist attraction; everything will be more exciting, to say the least, if you share the experience with one of our ladies. They too will enjoy the time with you, and after a delightful day – finally ­– the night follows, which you were looking forward to of course. Women are still the most beautiful creation after all, and in the end we think not one single attraction can compete with our escort ladies. Each and every high class escort attached to our agency is well educated (in literally every way!), well informed and has wide interests. As befits a true courtesan you can be publicly associated very well with her in daytime, but when the night falls she will transform into the passionate mistress you have always dreamt of. We wish you both lots of fun, both day and night!