Activities for introverts and extroverts

Activities for introverts and extroverts

Activities to do with your high class escort

When you book a high class escort with Society Service, the social aspect of a booking is at least as important as the erotic element. There are many possibilities to get to know each other better. The most chosen option is enjoying a delicious meal together in a good restaurant or going out for drinks. But other options are also possible. What is a good choice for you may depend, among other things, on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

In short, a more introverted person will be more inward-looking and more likely to let the initiative come from outside. An extroverted person is more outwardly aware and will initiate faster. Some nuance is necessary because in the end almost everyone is a mix of introverted and extroverted qualities, but you will most likely lean in a certain direction. For both sides we have suggestions for the activities that can be undertaken during a booking.

When you are more introverted

Characteristics often linked to introversion are that you are not a big talker. Individual conversations are easier for you than conversations in a group. During a conversation you are not much of a social talker, but you are thoughtful and like to get to the heart of the matter straight away. You do your work very concentrated and prefer to work alone rather than in a group. You will be a bit calmer in your dealings, you are a good listener and you have a high level of empathy. You have an eye for detail, are often well prepared and make well-considered decisions.

Activities that are a good fit for an introvert:

  • Take a lecture or mini workshop on a topic that interests you, from wine tasting and cooking class to painting.
  • Visit a (private) wellness center with your high class escort.
  • Do something sporty such as jogging, abseiling and climbing, golf, ice skating, hiking and sailing.
  • Rent a boat and enjoy the beautiful Dutch waterways, from luxury motor sloop to canoe.
  • Take a walk and visit nice stops that offer something delicious to eat or drink.
  • Go to the cinema, theatre, theatre, music performance or ballet.
  • Visit a zoo, museum or other cultural institution.
  • Take a private dance lesson with your high class escort.
  • Visit a board games cafe and play your favorite board game.
  • Go out into nature together.
  • Eating out in a restaurant that is slightly quieter, more intimate and more modern.

When you are more extroverted

People who are more extroverted usually move easily in a group. Connecting is easy; you easily approach people, even if you don't know them yet. You are eloquent and talk easily, even about small things. In a group, you quickly take the lead and ignite others with your enthusiasm and spontaneity. You can present well and explain well what the plan or idea is. In doing so, you mainly have an eye for the big picture and you switch quickly.

Activities that are a good fit for an extrovert:

  • Do something sporty (in a group), such as a paintball or laser tag competition.
  • Go shopping with the high class escort and browse all the local boutiques.
  • Visit an amusement park or subtropical swimming paradise.
  • The sun shines? Then go to the beach for a day.
  • Go to a cabaret show, comedy club, pop concert, dance event or festival.
  • A night out in a hip club or cafe.
  • Go to the funfair or visit an arcade hall.
  • Try your luck at the casino. Perhaps your high class escort is your lucky charm!
  • Take a ski or snowboard lesson in an indoor ski hall.
  • Sing like a star at a karaoke bar.
  • Eating out in a restaurant that is busy, cozy and hip. Some louder music in the background is fine.


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