Does a high class escort also enjoy a booking?

Does a high class escort also enjoy a booking?

We tell you why our high class escorts also enjoy bookings themselves

On many online forums we regularly see the comment that a (high class) escort will undoubtedly not enjoy the bookings. The escort would only do this type of work because of the money. Of course the higher earnings are part of the benefits, but that is by no means the only reason why our high class escorts also enjoy the bookings they do. In this blog we will tell you more about what our escorts like about working as an high class escort.

Excitement and adventure in the life of an escort

Like many others, the 'everyday life' of a high class escort often also consists of work, study and other obligations. As a high class escort you can escape the daily grind for a while. High class escort Emma says: "I am an outgoing and open minded young woman who is always looking for new adventures and some more excitement in her life. I enjoy my job, friends, family and hobbies, but my adventures as high class escort gives me that extra shot of happiness that puts a big smile on my face, because I really enjoy meeting new people." The intelligent escort Elise recognizes this very much: "It's always exciting who you get to spend time with and what you are going to do, it challenges me to get out of my comfort zone just a little bit." For sexy high class escort Jane, working as an high class escort also has another big advantage: "Working as a high class escort at Society Service brings me the ultimate feeling of freedom! Freedom about my body and life. The excitement of a date, the fact that you are actually doing something very naughty and exciting gives me an enormous adrenaline rush! You can escape from your everyday life for a while and immerse yourself in an evening of excitement, fun and adventure."

Looking like a high class escort is fun

As a high class escort you always look groomed to the nines. Although some clients prefer to see the escort as the ultimate girl next door in jeans with sneakers and as little make-up as possible, many clients really like it when the escort looks stylish, sexy and feminine. Obviously, this is not a look that our escorts choose every day and they really enjoy dressing up for a special occasion such as a booking. Escort Elise very much enjoys making herself beautiful for someone: "Perfect make-up and hair, luxury lingerie on… getting ready for a booking is already a pleasure!" Escort Emma also enjoys preparing for a booking: "When I prepare for our date, I fantasize about what you will be like and what I would like to do with you. I always look forward to our date and I enjoy go the extra mile so that we both enjoy a great time together. "

A high class escort meets lots of interesting people

Not only do our escorts have very diverse backgrounds, our clients do as well. Our escorts enjoy the variation between clients. This way they get to meet people they otherwise had not met and enjoy the stories and experiences of the people they meet during bookings. High class escort and model Noah says: "I love to getting to know new people and listen to their stories. I know a lot of people in my personal circle who have a fairly standard life. From a young age I have traveled all over the Netherlands for modeling, which was already quite adventurous. I am very curious and interested in how other people think and live their lives. Through this work I meet new people, each with unique insights into life, habits or fun stories. You get to know the other person quit well during the first hours of a booking. The stories that are exchanged always create a connection and make me feel attracted to the other person as well."

Eroticism and broadening the erotic horizon is exciting

Clients are not only very diverse on a social level, they are also on an erotic level. Although the majority of clients prefer the Girlfriend Experience, there are also regular requests for more special erotic preferences. This allows the escort to experiment with new erotic preferences and broaden her erotic horizon. Escort Vivienne: "Zero your mind, experimenting to be someone else or to be yourself… I really enjoy the eroticism and sensation." Escort Jane also loves the erotic diversity: "I want to try everything in life and I really enjoy sharing this with clients. No request is too crazy for me, I love to experiment. This can be with one person, but a couple who wants to experiment a bit and makes me a part of this… that's simply fantastic!"

As a high class escort you visit special locations

Most of the bookings of our escort service take place in the Netherlands and this can be at very different locations. A client living in a modest starter home is just as welcome as a client in the most expensive suite of a five star hotel. Although the variety is nice, the extra luxury locations and international bookings are extra special for the escort, because otherwise they would get to go there quickly. Escort Vivienne summed this up nicely: "Luxury dinners, overnight stays in five star hotels and trips abroad… what's not to like!" High class escort Lauren is also grateful for the wonderful travel experiences that her clients have already given her: "I never thought that as a normal Dutch student I would visit the most beautiful exotic places. These are experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life."

For the escort, your pleasure is her pleasure

A high class escort is naturally a bit more accommodating and enjoys seeing you enjoy yourself. Also special experiences such as having sex for the first time at our Virgin Experience or making that long cherished erotic fantasy come true, are very nice aspect of working as an high class escort. Escort Jane: "The great thing about this work is that clients also want to make me feel comfortable and I am pampered, they make me feel special. Therefore I want to do everything I can to give return this feeling. When I see that my client is enjoying his time with me, then my mission has been accomplished." Our talented gigolo Eric also looks back with pleasure on the special experiences he shared with clients: “Some of my clients had a difficult sexual past that made arousal and penetration difficult or even impossible. Yet these women had gathered all the courage to book a gigolo. You are in a different position, it all has to be done carefully and yet you look for the excitement and lust in these women. If you have achieved things afterwards that these ladies have had to miss for a long time, it gives an enormously satisfied feeling. The word "kick" is out of place, that is a too flat description of your state of mind. For me a completely different side of the escort profession."

The earnings are a nice extra

As we indicated at the beginning of this blog, the financial aspect of working as an escort is of course a pleasant aspect. Although our high class escorts only do a few bookings per week - or even per month - the earnings are very attractive. Yet this is by no means the most important element that our escorts enjoy. Escort Noah: "I really enjoy both the social and the sexual aspect during a booking. The money is a nice extra, the biggest win for me is the personal development and making beautiful memories." In summary, working as an high class escort for our escorts is simply the nicest side job they can think of and, just like our clients, they enjoy bookings to the fullest.


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