The favorite lingerie of our high end escorts

The favorite lingerie of our high end escorts

Our high end escorts talk about their favorite lingerie sets

High end escort and luxury lingerie go hand in hand. Our escorts like to wear luxurious lingerie and our clients like to admire the escort in it… and take it off again. It will therefore come as no surprise that our Lingerie Experience is booked regularly. With the holidays just around the corner - the perfect time for a beautiful gift - we asked some of our high end escorts to tell us about their favorite lingerie items.

High end escort Abby is expanding her lingerie collection

"So many items oh my! When I started working for Society Service I had a small lingerie collection. Since then I have had the opportunity to develop my taste in (luxurious) lingerie. Now a few years later I am running out of space to put all my lingerie. I find it exciting to purchase lingerie with that special someone in mind or for that particular evening I have been looking forward to. While I am a person who has a strong appreciation for experiences rather than materialistic items, I must say that as an escort I discovered a hunger I did not know I had. I can never get enough when it comes to lingerie. If you put some thought and effort into planning a special evening for the two of us I promise I will do the same! Let me surprise you..."

Lingerie model Valerie of course has a passion for lingerie

"As a lingerie model, lingerie is not only my job but also my passionAs soon as my hair and make up is done, I have a nice set on with stockings and high heels I feel at my most beautiful. Countless beautiful sets are hanging in my closet, but I can't resist buying really beautiful new.
You can't argue about taste; do you tell me which is my most beautiful set?"

Luxury lingerie makes high end escort Claire feel like she is in love

“Lingerie is the maximum expression of a woman’s feminity” Wearing lingerie for me is as an expression and then especially more luxury lingerie—the ultimate feeling of feminity and confidence. When I am preparing for a booking, my booking starts when I put on my lingerie. Wearing something beautiful underneath an elegance dress gives me one of the best feelings except for the chemistry between you and me, of course. Since I work for Society Service, my love for lingerie became bigger. Wearing the right quality lingerie, the brand location, but especially the ultimate pleasure that wearing this lingerie gives me is that moment of the day when I fall in love."

Sexy lingerie is the secret weapon of high end escort Alice

"There is something magical about high-end lingerie. It doesn’t only make me feel sexy but it gives me the feeling of confidence. A pretty outfit is not complete without a sultry surprise underneath. So I can guarantee you that whenever we meet for a date, I’ll have picked out a set of lingerie with utmost precision. To me, preparing for the date, picking out an outfit, doing my makeup and trying on different stockings and garters is half the fun. It makes me feel good to know that I look my very best for our special date. Nevertheless, I don’t only wear pretty lingerie for a sensual rendez-vous. Since it gives me this feeling of confidence and power, like I can handle anything life throws at me, I like to wear my finest sets to important occasions. If I have a job interview or a big presentation at uni I will make sure to wear a matching three piece set underneath my business attire. Not because I assume that someone will see it, but because it is my secret weapon to make sure I feel good and strong and can be the best version of myself."

High end escort Audrey enjoys shopping for lingerie with you

"I have always had a love for beautiful lingerie from the moment I set eyes on my first set of black suspenders and delicate stockings I was sold. Lingerie is so much more then just a functional addition to my wardrobe it makes me feel elegant powerful and sexy, each set elevating my mood. From the moment I wake up in the morning and slip on a silk robe or kimono to have my morning coffee to picking the set and outfit that makes me feel beautiful that day. I love the feeling of the silk and delicate lace hidden beneath my clothing especially on an exciting date and sharing my most beautiful lingerie with you. But the most fun experience is visiting some of Amsterdam’s most beautiful lingerie boutiques with me so I can try on your personal favorites!"


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