Do you also enjoy beautiful luxury lingerie?

Do you also enjoy beautiful luxury lingerie?

A high class escort wears seductive lingerie

When making a booking with one of our high class escorts, each client is asked for his clothing preferences. This includes any preferences he might have regarding the lingerie the escort will wear to the booking. The most common request is for the escort to wear luxurious lingerie with stockings and garter belts, preferably in black. For clients having difficulties choosing, we even offer the lingerie experience, during which the escort will bring several pieces of lingerie to show and play with.

Clients often spoil our ladies with exclusive gifts, such as her favorite perfume, jewelry, taking her to her favorite restaurant and... lingerie! We understand it can be a difficult task to select the right item so we've selected some types of lingerie that our escorts and clients enjoy in particular, with some advice on how selecting the right piece. When looking for luxurious and special lingerie, there's only one place you need to go to and that's luxurious lingerie boutique Pleasurements, located in Amsterdam, but with an online shop available. They happen to have the sizes of all of our escorts and gladly assist you in selecting the right piece.

Lingerie set with suspenders lingerie

The most popular lingerie of all times remains a traditional set of lingerie (bra and thong/panties), combined with suspenders and stockings. An other name for suspenders is garter belt. Suspender or garter belts are usually an elasticated material strip usually at least 5 cm in width, but can be wider, that is worn around the waist, to which 2 or 3 elastic suspender 'slings' are attached on each side. The suspenders are clipped to the stockings. The escort will wear her thong or panties over the suspenders. This way she can take off her panties or thong and keep the suspender belt and stockings on a little longer.

When you want to surprise your high class escort with a lingerie set including suspenders, most slim ladies can wear suspender belts that are smaller. In general more curvy ladies prefer to wear wider suspender belts, to enhance her hourglass figure. This style will look good on all body types. 

Bra with a string lingerie

Many men enjoy a lady wearing a bra with a very small string. A string is a type of thong, that is made of very little fabric and mostly a string. In particular on very slim and young ladies, this is a look requested often. Bright colors do well with a piece like this. The small straps of the string compliments an athletic and slim body type. But now matter how slim the lady is, it is best to select one size larger than the escort usually wears, to avoid the straps cutting into her skin.

In general, a bra with string is not combined with stockings, unless requested of course. However, it can be a gorgeous look to combine a bra an string with a small garter belt and stockings for those who prefer this look. 

Body and bustier lingerie

A bustier (alternately bustiere or basque) is has as a primary purpose is to push up the bust by tightening against the upper midriff and forcing the breasts up, while gently shaping the waist. A body is similar to a bustier, but has a softer touch and feel because it has no fixed cups and is made of more stretchy material. Also, the bottom is connected with the top with a body, unlike a bustier or basque which requires a separate thong or slip. In general, a bustier will look fantastic on more curvy and busty ladies, and a body will look amazing on both slim and curvy ladies.

In general, a bustier or basque almost always incorporates suspenders and is worn with stockings. A body can sometimes be worn with stockings, in particular hold-up stockings that stick to the leg and do not need to be hold up by suspenders. 

Slip and chemise lingerie

A slip(dress) or chemise is a loose, usually short dress in a fabric often used for lingerie. Lace, silk and sheer are often used. Silk and lace slip dresses and chemises provide a more luxurious and romantic look. A sheer dress is usually more sexy and provocative. Sometimes textiles such as latex and fishnet are used, which gives the dress a more kinky look. However, most slip dresses are made of silk and lace. When the highest quality silk and lace are used, a slipdress can be truly an exclusive piece of lingerie.

A slipdress is suitable for all bodytypes, curvy or slim, tall or short. It is usually worn without stockings but can be combined with a sexy kimono for the complete look. Can you imagine, your high class escort slipping into a little dress like this and joining you in bed? 

Ouverts and cupless lingerie

A new trend that has entered the luxurious lingerie industry throughout the past few years is are ouverts and cupless bras. Cupless bras have been around much longer but where previously associated with a raunchy look, and we do not mean raunchy in the good way. But nowadays, some very interesting pieces have entered the market. Ouverts are the panties and thongs you can wear that are open in the back, bottom or anywhere else really. They show "ass cleavage" and create a sexy peek-a-boo effect. This type of lingerie is often combined with so called playsuits and harnesses, that are very small but very sexy.

Ouverts and cupless lingerie works best on body types that are slim but with curves in all the right places. In particular, ladies with an enhanced cup, look stunning in this type of lingerie. However, larger natural cups do not but very small natural cups will. 

Kinky and naughty lingerie

Looking for something a bit more naughty? Perhaps a bit kinky? There's a lot of luxurious fetish wear available. Most fetishwear includes leather, vinyl, latex or something similar. In general the fitting is very tight, showing off the curves of the high class escort. Almost all escorts own at least some fetish outfits but in general, requests for kinky fetish items are very specific. Therefore we always recommend you to purchase such items for the escort so she can wear exactly what you want during your booking. When purchasing latex, make sure to include a bottle of waterbase or silicone based lube. This is required to get into and out of the outfit. And above all, do not feel ashamed to express your desires!