The cup sizes of our high class escorts

The cup sizes of our high class escorts

Breasts and cup sizes for escorts, how does that actually work?

We recently read in feedback from a client that the 70D cup of the escort was actually a bit smaller than expected. More like a 75C, the client thought. That's right as a bus, because 70D and 75C are so-called 'sister cup sizes'. We explain how that works in this blog.

In the profile of each escort you can find a lot of information. From an extensive character description, erotic preferences and statistics such as spoken languages, smoking or not, height, and yes… the cup size. It even says whether it is natural or whether the escort has had the cup enlarged.

What does the escort's cup size mean?

A bra has a double size. First of all, there is the circumference around the back. This is measured just below the breasts and indicated with a number, for example 75 (in centimeters) or 34 (in inches). In addition, there is the cup size, which is indicated with a letter, for example cup size C. The cup size should be seen in relation to the circumference. The cup size is therefore not an absolute volume, but indicates the difference between the circumference, measured under the breasts, and the circumference at the place where the breasts are fullest. The cup size therefore changes when the circumference size is larger or smaller.

The sister cup sizes of your high class escort

If you fill the cup of a size 75C bra (of 34C in inches) with water completely, it will contain the same amount of water as a bra size 70D (32D in inches). This explains why the client actually thought the breasts of the high class escort with size 70D were more like a 75C. The volume of these breasts is the same, the ratio to the circumference is just different. Sizes where the cup sizes are the same in terms of volume are called 'sister cup sizes'. The volume of the cup of a 75B (34B in inches) is the same as a 70C (32C in inches). And the volume of a 90B (40B in inches) is even as much as that of a size 75F bra (34F in inches)!

Waarom het belangrijk is de cupmaten goed te interpreteren

Many people think of a very large bust when they think of a cup size D(D). And although every escort with this cup size undoubtedly has a beautiful filled cup, with a smaller circumference it can therefore look smaller than you initially expected. In the context of expectation management, it is therefore good not only to look at the cup, but also at the circumference size. This way you can form a realistic picture of the size of the breasts of your high class escort.

Furthermore, knowledge about sister cup sizes can help you when you want to give a lingerie set as a gift to your high class escort. Perhaps the description or reviews about the bra state that the band is a bit tighter? In that case you can consider choosing a 75C for your escort who normally wears a 70D. These things can vary from brand to brand. The better luxury lingerie stores, such as the Amsterdam lingerie boutique Pleasurements, can assist you further.


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