Statistics about our client

Statistics about our client

Statistics about our high class escortservice

For our book Escort Bijbel, which was published in 2014, we calculated some statistics about our escorts, clients and bookings. Now, 3 years later it's time to review if these statistics are still accurate. We have accumulated data from all bookings with our high class escorts in 2017 and have some interesting statistics for you. We will discuss them in three separate blogs, and in this second blog present the statistics about our clients.

Needless to say, we respect the privacy of our clients. We prefer to be open about our escortservice, so you as well as potential escorts are well informed about what to expect, but will never share specific client details. Discretion is guaranteed.

About the clients at our high class escortservice...

In 2014, the average age for a client at Society Service was 41, which has increased slightly to 43 in 2017. The youngest client is still 21 years old, our oldest client is 83. Most clients are between 30 to 55 years old. The amount of clients with a Dutch nationality remains around 40% and almost 20% is still of other European nationalities. In 2014 the most common European nationalities where English, Italian and Russian. This has changed to English, Belgian and Scandinavian, followed by French. Over 25% of our clients is American or Canadian, double the amount compared to 2014. However, half of these Americans and Canadians has an Asian or Indian heritage, which might explain the difference. Perhaps this group was accounted to a different nationality in 2014. The remaining 15% is mostly from Arabic and Asian countries, and only some from Australia and Africa.

It will most likely come as no surprise that the majority of our clients is educated and enjoys higher incomes. These clients are mostly working in upper management, law, medical, IT and finances, or are entrepreneurs. Businessmen and women, so to speak. Some clients are famous rockstars, others have a very ordinary job and everything in between. Just like our clients come from different nationalities, there is a lot of variation in terms of professions and backgrounds amongst our clients.

It is not only the appearance, heritage and background that varies, but the desires also vary. The majority of bookings (over 95%) included sex, but in which way varies enormously. Some clients only desire an erotic massage, some kissing and cuddling. Others enjoy soft and romantic sex and others like it rough and naughty. The majority of our clients (76%) wants a Girlfriend Experience, but 24% prefers a Pornstar Experience. Clients who prefer a PSE has doubled compared to 2014. When it comes to special requests, anal sex is requested the most. About a quarter of our clients request anal sex. Less than 5% wants BDSM, either in a dominant or submissive position. This has not changed compared to 2014.

Just like any other job, 80% of the bookings is normal and fun. In addition to that, 10% is fantastic and 10% is not that great. The clients with who the escort has a great connection and would enjoy spending time with outside her activities as an escort are the best bookings. These bookings make the escort feel like it's a genuine romantic affair. The bookings the escort does not enjoy are with clients who push her boundaries and she feels no connection with. This connection has nothing to do with appearance or background. A fun and courteous client who is a bit overweight is much more fun than an average attractive client. The escort is asked for her feedback about the client after every booking. This feedback can result in consequences to the client. He is not allowed to ask for (oral) sex without a condom, request the exchange of contactdetails or invade her privacy in other ways. By doing so, the client receives a warning and is not eligible for a Member Account. In case a client does not respect the boundaries of the escort, for example by not taking any time to get to know each other outside the bedroom as well, or in the worst case scenario, force anything (sexual) on her, a client is permanently refused at Society Service. Luckily, less than 1% of all clients treat the escort in a way that results in such a refusal, but in a perfect world this would be 0%.