Application blunders

What no to do when you apply to become an high class escort

Every month we receive between 500 to 1000 applications, all from ladies with the desire to work as a high class escort at our escortservice. From all of these applications, only one or two ladies actually end up working for our company. The vast majority of the applications is rejected because they simply do not meet the criteria we have for working as a high class escort. Sometimes it's obvious why a lady does not meet the requirements, for example when an applicant has not reached the legal age of 21 years, is looking to work "off the books" or isn't fluent in English. Other times the choice to reject an application is less obvious. But for there are certainly things you should not do when applying as a high class escort. We'll share some of the things that have crossed our paths that we could not believe at first as well.

An intelligent lady can send an application without any misspellings

This is something that happens rather often actually. When asked to describe herself, words like "intelligent", "educated" and "smart" are used. Only to have at least one misspelling in every line. Misspellings, slang and foul language are not suitable for a high class escort. They make you look careless and stupid. So by all means; check your spelling before sending your application. Oh, and when you've applied with more than one escort agency, make sure to refer to the correct escort agency in your application. Do not address your application to an other agency and then send it to us. It looks really silly.

We do not need to see what your privates look like

During the application process, the aspiring escorts are required to send us a few pictures of her face and body. This can be fully dressed, in a bikini or in lingerie. A tasteful artistic nude picture could even be an option. But pictures of privates, legs spread and sometimes even including toys are not very high class.

An escort is flexible about her availability

We do not expect our escorts to be ready to go to a booking at any hour of the day, every day, all week long. Our escorts are in fact free to decide on when they want to be available for bookings, and when not. They are provided with enough time to prepare for a booking, even when a last minute booking is requested. But that's all within reason. When an applicant writes us "I am available for one booking per month and the booking must be made at least a month in advance" or "I can be scheduled for bookings Tuesdays between 13.00 and 18.00 and every other friday between 18.00 and midnight"... that's not really going to work.

A high class escort does not use drugs

A recent applicant wrote "I enjoy parties and I have heard many clients use coke as well. Seems like the perfect job for me. I can go on all night long, I am a real party girl. And due to the coke I don't get drunk either." Well, let's just put it that way; this applicant didn't make the cut. On occasion, our clients use drugs, but we prefer them to refrain from drugs and large amounts of alcohol. Our escorts should be completely drug free, both during bookings as well as in her private life.

You do not get rich overnight

Yes, as a high class escort you enjoy a comfortable salary. But you will not get rich overnight. We strongly believe money should not be the sole, or most important motivation to do this. Due to the intimate nature of this work, doing it just for the money can damage your sense of self worth. In addition, if you are just in it for the money, you will come across as distant and too professional, unable to offer a romantic and intimate Girlfriend Experience. So when we read comments like "I will not do it for any less than 1000 euro's" or "it sounds like easy money", we are not on the same page. In addition, our escortservice is not a datingservice, so if you are looking to find a rich husband, please look elsewhere.

An escort enjoys sex

Didn't see that one coming, right? It might come as a surprise but we actually every now and then read comments from applicants such as "I am so not into oral sex. Juck." or "I understand sex can be part of the booking and I am okay with that as long as it doesn't take longer than ten to fifteen minutes." Come on. You are not going to work at a butchery when you are a vegetarian either, right? If you want to work as a high class escort you should enjoy sex, sensuality and eroticism in the many forms in comes in.

Having worked with many different escort agencies

It is not uncommon for ladies to have previously worked with an other escort agency. After gaining some experience, she might feel the agency she has chosen is not right for her and with the knowledge she now has, looks for a more suitable agency. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is important to find an agency that you connect with. However, when an escort has worked with pretty much all available escort agencies chances are the problem does not lie with a lack of connection, but with the applicant. An escort who has worked with many different agencies is likely to be either a diva or an untrustworthy person, who has difficulties with keeping commitments.