Application process working as a high class escort

Application process working as a high class escort

The application procedure of an escort explained step by step

Are you considering applying as a high class escort at Society Service because you want to work for the best escort agency in the Netherlands? Then read on. In this blog we explain step by step what the application process at Society Service looks like.

The entire application process takes at least one month. So you cannot become a high class escort overnight. That is not desirable at all. We think it is very important that you make a well-considered decision to work as a high class escort, which includes carefulness, evaluation and reflection. These things take time. We also take that time when selecting clients for your first bookings. We therefore do not see your 'novelty' as a marketing tool, but as a vulnerability that we handle very carefully.

Step 1: First high class escort application form

Are you going to apply as a high class escort at Society Service? To get a first impression of you, we ask you to fill in an initial application form. Answer the questions honestly and carefully follow the instructions regarding the delivery of photos. Otherwise, the application cannot be processed. In this first step you remain relatively anonymous, only your real first name is requested.

Step 2: Second high class escort application form

Do we see potential in you as a high class escort after the first application form? Then we invite you to fill in a second application form, with some more personal information. You can no longer remain anonymous. Are we as positive about you as you are about us? Then we invite you for a face-to-face conversation. On the other hand, are we not interested in a possible collaboration? We will then inform you of this, after which we will carefully remove your application from our file.

Step 3: First face to face interview

Do we still see potential in a possible collaboration after the second application form? Then we invite you for a face to face conversation with owner Marike in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Before this interview, we expect you to have extensively informed and studied both our company and working as a high class escort in general. During the first interview, Marike mainly checks whether what you entered in your forms corresponds to reality and whether she feels a click with you. The latter is important for a pleasant cooperation. There is also plenty of time for you to ask questions. This introductory meeting is informal and completely without obligation. So there are no obligations for either you or us.

Step 4: Second face to face meeting

After the first personal meeting, we give you some time to think about your choice. If you are still interested in a collaboration with Society Service, then it is up to you to let us know. Is the interest mutual? Then you will be invited for a second interview. During this second meeting we arrange all administrative obligations and you will receive a detailed explanation about working as a high class escort at our escort service.

Step 5: First bookings as a high class escort

After the second interview, we will start working on your profile. Is your high class escort profile on our website? Then the time has come to schedule your first bookings. We arrange your first booking with clients who are a good fit for an escort with little experience. With this we ensure that your first experiences as a high class escort are comfortable. We also think it is important to create a clear picture of the attitude and commitment that you can expect from a client. We do not tolerate transgressive behavior at our escort service. Are your first bookings over? Then we will evaluate the continuation of our cooperation to make sure it is a match between us and you enjoy your new (lucrative) side job!


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