10 Year anniversary!

Today is our 10 year anniversary!

It's hard to imagine but it's exactly 10 years ago that I founded Society Service. A lot has happened since, some bad, most good and it's been an incredible adventure. I am excited about what the next 10 years have in store for me. Let's glance at the history of founding the premier Dutch high class escortservice.

Registering a high class escortservice

Together with a fellow university student, we subscribed Society Service to the Rotterdam chamber of commerce. We where full of big plans but had many things to do... and learn. From permits to tax authorities, where would our office be, how would we find the best escorts, clients, and so on. With my Business Administration studies and my colleague's Sociology studies, we agreed she would be in charge of recruitment and promotion, I would do the administrative part of our newly found company. We where a golden team, full of excitement.

The Virgin Experience and Interact Service

Two university students who found an high class escortservice, obviously makes for some interesting news items. But founding the Virgin Experience was an unexpected success. National an international media interviewed us about our new idea; a service just for gentlemen who have very little to no experience with women and like to change this. We would offer them an incredible first experience, with the woman of their dreams. A great succes, to this day I might add. Another succes was the founding of the Interact Service, a service for gentlemen with a physical disability. We exploited ideas that where rather new to the escort industry, in particular to the high class escort industry. Our interviews where open, transparant, honest and entertaining.

A new beginning

While our innovating services took off, our cooperation did not. My partner and I no longer seemed to be on the same page and be decided to part ways. I became the sole owner of an high class escortservice, something I did not see coming a few years ago. The next few years where used to improve the portfolio and services of Society Service. With the assistance of a larger team, a plan was made to grow to be the premier high class escortservice of The Netherlands. The first visual change being the website, which was completely changed.

Building connections and reputation

The new focus resulted in many valuable connections, from escorts and clients, to supporting team members. With the help of my team, I managed to pay some more attention to media featuring Society Service. The reason for cooperating with many media requests was not only to generate more clients and escorts, but also to offer some transparency about this industry, hoping to take away some of society's prejudices. It was an amazing adventure to cooperate with documentary makers, tv shows, programs, newspapers, radio channels, magazines and so much more, explaining more about the industry I work in.

Book about high class escort

The crowning glory must have been the publication of my book Escort Bijbel, which shares information and experiences of the escorts who work for Society Service, the clients and of course more about me as an entrepreneur. I wrote it together with close friend and journalist Romke Spierdijk and was published by D'jonge Hond. The publication of the book opened a lot of doors, offering more legitimacy to my company and me as an entrepreneur. This again resulted in wonderful cooperations with other companies, individuals and institutions, that to this day are of great value to Society Service. This is also the year I was in the Viva-400, a list of the 400 most inspiring and successful women of The Netherlands.

What about the next 10 years

I expect the day to day tasks not to change too much. Administrative tasks, updating the website, recruitment of new high class escorts, organizing bookings and so on will most likely not change too much. But with growth and experience also comes stability, leaving more room for improvement of the current services. My goal is not so much to increase profits, it's more about enhancing the experience. A better experience for the escorts, clients and my team and myself. So make sure to keep an eye on the website as it will keep you updated about all the improvements and new things we can offer you.