12,5-year anniversary of our escortservice

12,5-year anniversary of our escortservice

Escortservice Society Service celebrates 12,5-year anniversary

Escortservice Society Service recently held a grand celebration of its 12.5 anniversary. Several high class escorts, exclusive escort men (escorts) and other employees of Society Service gathered together to reflect on this rantastic milestone, in a very festive manner. In the center of attention, of course, was the proud founder and owner Marike van der Velden, who has built up a wonderful company in 12.5 years. No better time to briefly look back on the past 12.5 years and to ask her what she expects from the future.

12,5-year high class escortservice Society Service

Society Service now exists for 12.5 years and has been the leading high class escort service in the Netherlands for almost as long. A wonderful fact, nevertheless, Marike never dared to dream this success. “When I started Society Service, I never thought I would last this long. I started this company during my studies at university. I did not expect that it would grow into what Society Service is now. Of course it is what I had hoped for. To find a job that you enjoy and that you are good at, feels like I won the lottery.”

The highlights of Society Service

During the 12.5 anniversary of Society Service, there have been plenty of highlights. Marike shares some memories of the occasion. “There have been several highlights in all this time. Writing the book Escort Bijbel is certainly one of them. But I also see the recognition for me as a businesswoman by being included in the Viva 400 list as a highlight. Behind the scenes, many things have been achieved that clients often do not notice. Every year I try to focus on a special project. This can be IT related or, for example, setting up a gigolo department. Last year this was the biggest project and we proudly introduced these special men last summer.”

Gigolo Service and other ideas

High class escortservice Society Service has changed considerably over the years. For example, various services and experiences have been created, of which the Gigolo Service is the most recent. According to Marike, it is very important that the company continues to develop in any capacity whatsoever. “Of course I try to develop myself but also my company. Yet there are also things I will never venture into. Like expanding to an international location. Many people ask me if this is something I want. But for me it is better not equal to bigger and more. I mainly focus on developments that do not change the size of the company, but rather the quality of the service, or the better structuring of the organization behind the scenes. In addition, there are occasional government obligations such as the recently introduced GDPR legislation. Those are things that take a long time but are necessary.

The future of Society Service

As long as she enjoys it and there are no urgent physical or geographical limitations, Marike expects to continue to do this work from the position of director / owner of Society Service. “Of course I am also dependent on legislation and regulations. If it develops in such a way that my profession becomes illegal, then I will have to look further. I do not expect this to happen. By regulating this industry it offers advantages to all parties involved. Both for the tax authorities and the sex workers. I therefore see the future as very bright and I hope to be able to work together with special ladies and gentlemen for a long time and introduce them to interesting and entertaining clients so that they can have a special experience together. I would say: on to the next jubilee!