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The number 1 high class escortservice of the Netherlands

Renowned, fully legal and exclusive with the most beautiful, elegant, sexy and intelligent Dutch escorts and gigolos. For our clients, only the best is good enough. But what is “the best” varies per person, so we would like to explain a bit more about our company and our vision to see if we are a match.

Let’s get to know each other a little better…

Society Service is an exclusive escortservice, founded in 2006 and is the number one high class escortservice of The Netherlands. We are very skilled and experienced matchmakers and mediocre experiences are not what we’re interested in providing. We strive for a spectacular and memorable encounter for both escort and cliënt, in every way imaginable. We really live up to what you see, expect, hope and more.

Unfortunately, there are many prejudices about the industry we operate in. Even more therefore we would like to emphasize that operating in this industry is possible in a transparent, legal and honest way. Just like any other company we pay taxes, manage our administration together with our accountant and are active with our business on a daily basis.

You might have read about us in the media. By sharing more information about our company and the industry we operate in, we hope to contribute to a better understanding and image of our industry. However, what you’ve never read about are specific client details; discretion is guaranteed. A complete overview of all press about our high class escortservice can be found here.

About our team

High class escortservice Society Service has been founded and is managed on a day to day basis by mostly women. A predominantly female team looks beyond the beauty of a potential escort. We also take into consideration her elegance, charm, motivation, intelligence, sex appeal, radiation and so much more than appears at first sight. Our team currently consists of Marike (founder and owner), Jacky (front office) and Jules and Merel (recruitment). For discretion reasons, Marike and Jacky are the only two persons you speak to on the phone, answer your emails and who arrange your bookings. If you have a specific preference who you wish to be helped by, let us know!

In addition to above persons, we enjoy the support of a several more fixed team members, such as our accountant, lawyer, webmaster and server manager. We work with many more specialists of all types of industries, ranging from photography to SEO, cyber security, persons providing courses to our escorts, etc. We have been working with the majority of our team for over a decade, proving their skills, dedication and trustworthiness. We can definitely say, our excellent service is a result from team effort.

Goal and vision of our escortservice

The goal of Society Service is improving our current services and innovating the way we offer these. Our goal is not growth, neither in size, turnover or by a more international scope. Our high class escortservice has become the logical choice when you are looking for an evening of entertainment, intimacy and eroticism in the Netherlands and we aim to maintain this position, whilst improving our current methods. A “personalized experience”, certainly applies to the experience you will have with our high class escorts and gigolos. However, whilst your personal experience during the booking may vary, your experience with our company should be consistent: reliable, professional, transparent and honest.

A high class escort offers more than a few hours of fun in the bedroom, as will become clear soon after your first booking with Service Society. During their first booking with Society Service, many clients invite an high class escort for just a few hours. After experiencing the pleasure of spending time with one of our escorts first hand, next bookings are often longer bookings, such as a Dinner Date, overnight, weekend getaway or relaxing holiday together. We wish to offer our escorts and clients an environment delimited by clear boundaries and under strict conditions, within which they can share a mutually enjoyable, intimate and memorable experience. This experience will fulfill all physical desires but also surpass all mental desires, resulting in a high return rate amongst our clients.

We take great care in tutoring our high class escorts and gigolos. Our escortservice continuously offers our escorts a variety of courses, including etiquette, safety training, erotic massage, striptease, special sexy techniques and many more. You will personally experience the value of this. We invest a lot in offering an unprecedented quality high class escort and special intimate experience. Your feedback is taken seriously and we are always open to improvements and changes. However, the safety, comfort and enjoyment of our escorts and gigolos is always our priority.

We want to build lasting relationships

Unlike many other companies in this industry, we do not focus on exploiting short-term and temporary contacts, often under false pretenses and resulting in disappointment. We focus on creating a lasting relationship, complying with the wishes of both client and escort. Every client is treated this way, whether you are planning to use our services just once or more often. Our repeat clients often express their gratitude to us, but our succes as an agency depends on our loyal clients as well, for which we are for ever grateful.

Now that you’ve found the right escortservice for you… let’s also find your perfect escort!

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Instant match5 minutes

Use our instant match to get an immediate answer to the question “who is the best high class escort for me”.
Astrology can be used to find out which escort is compatible

Astrology match2 minutes

What is your zodiac sign and which escorts are the best matches for your zodiac sign? Find out here!
Find your perfect escort match according to chinese zodiac signs

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What is your Chinese zodiac sign and which escorts are the best matches for your zodiac sign? Find out here!
Who is the best escort based on experience

Experience match3 minutes

Do you have a specific experience in mind? Then find out which escort or gigolo offers that experience here.
Ask our escorts if they think they are your match

Reverse matchUp to 48 hours

With a reverse match, we provide your specific preferences and wishes to our escorts and they determine whether they are your match.

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