Find your escort match based on a special talent

Our high class escorts are all unique and possess special special talents. For each escort we have selected about 10 special talents in which they excel. With the matchmaking tool below you can see which high class escorts and gigolos are the best match based on these special talents.

To get started, select whether you are looking for a female escort or male gigolo. Then you select what type of client you are. Only the escorts that match this will be shown. We have put together a number of special talents for you based on appearance, character, lifevision, skills and eroticism. You can check here which special talents appeal to you in order to filter the escorts that best match this.

You can tick as many special talents as you wish. If a large selection of escorts remains, see which special talents also appeal to you so that the selection of escorts becomes smaller. Is the selection of escorts too small? Then deselect the special talents that are the least important to you. Use the reset button to deselect all your choices.