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Here’s what others say about their experience with Society Service

Our office often receives messages from clients, telling us about their experience with Society Service. Even though we have a strict “no graphic reviews policy”, we would like to share some of the wonderful feedback our office has received about our escortservice and the organization of escort bookings.

Our policy when it comes to reviews

As you may already know, we strive to be as open and transparant as possible. In our opinion, this benefits the experience with our escortservice. However, our escorts’ desire for privacy and confidentiality is more important. For this reason, we ask that our clients do not publish reviews which contain personal details about the escort or very graphic sexual details. In addition, we have found many online review boards to be unreliable as they generally include many reviews which are fake.

That being said; Reliable reviews can provide a business advantage as well as a little extra security for new clients who still have doubts about the reliability of our escortservice. That is why we welcome online reviews about our escortservice in general.

Reviews about our high class escortservice

We do not list reviews about the escorts as they are highly subjective, require confidentiality and are always a result of the interaction between escort and client. The personal nature of this type of endeavor will result in a different experience per client, yet the experience with us as an escortservice should be more consistent throughout. So that is what we will list below; the experiences our clients have had with our escortservice. Only alterations for discretion and translation purposes were made. We update this page with reviews approximately once per year.

Suggestions, feedback and complains

Even though we and our escorts do our very best, it can unfortunately happen that you are not completely satisfied with our escort service. We would like to ask you to share your feedback and suggestions with us, this is the most important way in which we can further perfect our services. We will always take your feedback and suggestions seriously, even if we cannot honor every request. If your suggestion leads to an improvement of our services, we will reward you with extra loyalty points. Feedback – or worse; complaints – is never a reason for (partial) refund.

Reviews in 2021

“Many thanks for organizing this date, and I am now really convinced that Society Service is the very best agency. Everything is very correct and well organized and the very good reviews are 100% justified!”

Reviews in 2020

“My feedback about the company and booking process can be summed up in one word: professional. Looking at my customer journey from first contact (end of last year) to making the booking (this month) is almost effortless for me as a customer, compared to the industry you’re in. Communication is direct and to-the-point (from website to communication with you). That includes the cancellation I had to do early this year. And most importantly, you deliver the agreed service.”

“I’ve learn to appreciate how on point your advices always are, and I respect you as a real expert in this field. An English translation of your book would be great in my library.

“I would like to take a few moments to thank you again for another beautiful evening. On a general level, I’m still impressed by your agency’s capacity to find gorgeous and smart girls who satisfy my sapiophile side. I like how you do things. The only default your agency has is that it keeps giving me a heavy heart.”

Reviews in 2019

“My compliments for how you run your business and how you manage to choose the perfect ladies to work for you. You will definitely hear from me again!”

“It has been a year since my first booking with you. I thought I’d let you know that as a result I have had my happiest year in decades and my relationship with my wife, similarly, is at a high point. The easy entry point you gave me has enabled and emboldened me to find providers in the US. So thanks to Society Service.”

“You do a remarkable job taking great care to provide a great service. Thank you. To anyone I know traveling to Amsterdam from the US who is looking for similar companionship, I will definitely send them to Society Service. And myself: I will look forward to my next visit impatiently.”

“I would like to thank Society Service for providing outstanding service. After my experience, I truly believe you guys are the best in the world. I really appreciate your genuine and professional nature.”

“Your agency is clearly at a higher standard than any other agency I’ve ever used and I really appreciate that. I will look forward to booking with your agency in the future next time I am back in the Netherlands. After the excellent experiences I had, I must say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of services and companionship provided by your agency.”

Reviews in 2018

“I was pondering how you manage to achieve the consistent high level. But of course it is obvious – the best people are attracted to the best service. A good customer quote.”

“After having some other experiences in Amsterdam in the USA, some good and some not good at all… the one with your escortservice was by far the best. May I also say that when you called to verify the room, I thought you had also been very helpful to us. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone that I know. A delightful experience all around which we will repeat for sure.”

“What a fantastic experience last night with a great lady. This was our first time and will definitely get a sequel. Fantastic and fast communication from you and the well-kept and beautiful warm website make sure we come back to you. Thank you!”

“As for the process of arranging the date, your website made it so easy. Communication was excellent, and any questions I had were answered quickly and with great advice. I have nothing bad to say about the experience at all! Thank you again for the wonderful experience, I hope the escort enjoyed her time with me because I certainly enjoyed my time with her.”

Reviews in 2017

“I just wanted to share what a great experience my husband and I had with your service. Everything was perfect from the start to finish! We looked at many websites as this was our first time doing something like this. Your website was by far the best. The pictures and descriptions were all tasteful and very classy. It definitely helped calm any privacy concerns we had regarding online booking. It’s also very warm and welcoming. We felt more like we were booking an experience than just a woman. I’m definitely glad that we booked with your service. I can’t imagine using any other service going forward.”

“I have had a wonderful time with <…>; she was like a dream, very passionate. Fun, outgoing and wonderfully ‘hot’. A downside however, and that’s not her fault, is your current policy regarding oral sex with a condom. It is different from similar escort agencies. I understand a condom is required for penetration, but for me, oral with a condom is a spoiler. Again, no criticism on <…>, she will always remain a beautiful memory of which you can never have enough.”

“Last night I had my first booking through you and I would like to compliment you on the extremely good experience! This was the first time for me that I had booked such a service, and it was beyond my expectations. The lady was even more beautiful than on the pictures and she was very nice to talk and I enjoyed the rest of the evening even more.”

“I think it’s great you are offering the lesbian experience the way you do. You are one of the very few high class escort agencies who does that in such a way, and with such sincerity. It speaks of trust, so a woman does not have to be nervous to try this. The escort can enjoy the booking as well and is experienced. Thank you for this! I have certainly gained a beautiful experience.”

Reviews in 2016

“I am relieved that such a special person works for you, dearest Marike, because, as far as I have experienced, you are truly correct, kind and professional and this means that she is safe. And knowing that the wonderful woman that makes me always so much happy is safe is all that really matters for me.”

“The experience far exceeded our expectations. First, your service was very responsive and professional (and your website is fantastic). That made us very comfortable. <…> was wonderful. She saw that we were very nervous and set us at ease with some pleasant conversation. The date portion of the evening was better than imagined. All in all, it was a perfect experience.”

“You are used, I expect, to almost universal praise from clients, but that won’t stop me adding my own comments and I have to pass them to you as adding on Tripadvisor under things to do in the Netherlands may not be appropriate!”

“Your service was very professional and helpful to us in setting this up for sure and made us very comfortable. The time with <…> was also very pleasant. She is a very nice girl and respected all our boundaries whilst making it an enjoyable evening for us. She certainly met all expectations and kept us all relaxed through the time together. I would certainly recommend your service to anyone in the area.”

“I had a great time, the lady made me feel comfortable and took her time. I would like to add that I think it’s amazing there’s a service like the Virgin Experience, really a solution for people like me who are insecure or a little bit behind on this aspect.”

“I would say my experiences were overwhelmingly good. The agency itself was very easy to deal with, responses were always prompt, any requests or instructions were followed, and everything was very discreet. Nothing bad at all I can say about the service. Both ladies arrived on time and made every effort to be discreet. Both were lovely and accommodating, and matched their pictures (although of course, I couldn’t see their face).”

“Just wanted to say how impressed I was with how you run your business. Your service ethic and professionalism are fantastic. I also really appreciated how conscientious you are about the safety of your employees. I imagine that part of it must be stressful. As a business owner myself, I always enjoy encountering entrepreneurs who run a tight ship, and take good care of their employees as well as their customers. was delightful, and a pleasure to talk to.”

“Both escorts were amazing. Just like you described on the website. It was an experience of a lifetime. <…> was a real sweetheart and very passionate. <…> was a pro in bed. She was so attentive. You run a very professional and amazing business. Your website speaks the truth. I will contact you the next time I will be visiting Amsterdam. Thanks for running such a great company and thanks for the confidentiality.”

“She is very pretty, amazing body and very good company. She is very affectionate in bed and i really enjoyed our time. I would really love to see her again. The only thing is that for such an expensive service I want oral without and the escort didn’t want to do that.”

“I have the urgency to say that <…> is one of the nicest persons I have ever met. I will be back in Amsterdam and I will let you know in order to organize another date with this lovely, intelligent, amazing, beautiful, young woman. Thank you very much dear Marike for having brought her to my attention! Society Service is absolutely the best!!”

“The night with <…> was very successful. <…> was obviously enjoying herself and dit everything within her power to give me a good time. Previous experiences with “high class” had been disappointing. High rates create high expectations. These where certainly met this night. Compliments for the speedy arrangements of the booking. I will certainly use your services again and follow your website with anticipation.”

Reviews in 2015

“To choose for am exciting threesome in a super happy and long marriage was a first for us. Excitement quickly changed from the first moment into enjoyment and experiencing a never to be forgotten special experience thanks to the sweet, outgoing and beautiful escort.”

“I wanted to thank you for great service you have provided over the past year. I have met some truly fantastic ladies! You have given me a new found confidence when it comes to the fairer sex which I didn’t have before.”

“Handling of the Service: Your handling was very professional. Everything worked out very well and in a timely manner despite of my issues with my cell phone. It was very good that you were aware of the issue with the elevators. I also appreciate that was walking in and out instead being dropped of / picked up by a car. Performance of <…>: Summary: the best date in a decade. This exceeded my best imagination by far. She got a smile on my face that still lasts whenever I think of this experience. My only sorrow is that it did not occur earlier to me that I could book an escort and in particular. Overall rating: This experience was worth every single penny.”

“About SS I can say you offer an excellent service. The website and pictures are well taken care off, communicatie is smooth and quick. Th escort etiquette page and general terms and conditions are helfpfull. The blog is funny and interesting.”

“I would like to provide my opinion on your company, service and models. I only have one word to describe it: FANTASTIC. At first I had some doubts using an agency like yours but after trying it twice I can only say I am super satisfied.”

“Last week I’ve used your services for the very first time and very much liked them. It was the first time for me to use any kind of erotic service at al and I was a bit hesitant towards it. All contact with you has been professional, business wise and you therefore made it much more comfortable and trustworthy to use your services. Also your (loyalty points sponsored) request for tips and approval of service accounts for professionalism and I would love to be of any kind of service.”

“Last Tuesday was a wonderful day: no problems to arrive, sunshine in a nice town, the busy atmosphere in the streets and then enter this beautiful location and meet . Every word on her profile is so true and reality is even better. It was the perfect lady in my situation. Hope to meet her once again. I am very glad not to hesitate when I saw your homepage, made the booking and let it come true. I will never forget this day and keep it in best memories.”

“Thank you for providing excellent and professional service. Your escorts were all pleasant, highly engaging, and well-traveled. I am not sure if I am allowed to give them a message. But if so, please thank them all for their wonderful company, professionalism, excellent attitudes and charm. I hope they felt the same way about me. I will definitely utilize your services again.”

Reviews in 2014

“I would like to take the opportunity to comment on the visit from <…> this Monday and your promise of service. I choose your company because of your website, that is run by women and dedicated to the highest standards. Easy to write so, it is satisfactory to experience that it stands up to the promise. The process of booking and communication was easy and smooth. <…> arrived on time and was an intoxicating, lifely, honest and most of all absolutly sensual and understanding person. I definetly will recommend and use your service again. Keep up the great work.”

“I had an escort date yesterday and had a fantastic evening! In real life she looked even better. As usual the lady was perfectly on time. My clothing preferences where carried out to perfection. The date itself was smashing. Thank you for the great service, I will most certainly book more often.”

“A perfect match, congratulations. I thank you deeply for organizing this memorable encounter in your usual efficient and friendly style.”

Reviews in 2013

“Would like to thank you for arranging my date with <….>. I don’t know where you find them but again I had an amazingly fun, pleasurable and interesting time. I will not use superlatives to describe <….>, accept that I would like to see her sooner rather then later.”  

“I would like to let you know that I very much enjoyed my date with <….> . In addition I would like to thank you for the genuine pictures as well as keeping the promises you’ve made. I will certainly book with you again.”  

“I would like to compliment you again. All ladies I’ve met so far have been truly amazing/fantastic, and not only during our private time. The total experience is really super! And always very well arranged. I always look back at them fondly. I am already looking forward to my next date!”

“I would like to kindly thank for the awesome recommendation in restaurants and also the incredible person <….> is. Thank you for the service. You guys were great, the service was beyond my expectations. I’ve used escortservices all over the world but your escortservice provided the best service so far!”

Reviews in 2012

“First, I would like to thank you for offering the Virgin Experience. My decision to use it might have been the best I ever made. I would like to add that the profile of  <….> on your website is completely true.”

“You really did save the evening for me , you were so right , that is one special young lady and she was exactly what I needed. Thank you for setting that up so quickly and so professionally. <….> was an absolute delight. I am at the airport about to set out on my journey home but I am already looking forward to talking with you on my next visit, take care.”

“Thank you so much for organising a wonderful night with <….>. She’s an adorable, sensitive, very sensual and beautiful person. Please let her know that I had an awesome time with her. And <….> was an ideal choice for dinner as well. It wasn’t that noisy so it’s perfect to have a chat and the food was good too. Thanks you also for understanding my nervousness in the beginning. Now that I know how it all works 🙂 I will most certainly use Society Services again in the future.”

Older reviews

“I just wanted to send you a quick thank you to everyone involved for last weekend. The girls were just perfect. <….> was just as wonderful as I knew she would be and <….>, well, I suppose there is never enough time…  <….> was just amazing. She definitely exceeded my expectations. <….> and <….> were a very good match, they really work well together. It really was a weekend to remember, thank you.”

“I also feel that I should say this: I want to thank you for the service you are offering. Besides meeting a companion obviously being an amazing experience in and of itself, it is also extremely helpful developmentally. And it is great that there is a reputable company to put one in touch with a companion who has actively chosen the occupation and enjoys doing it. In short, to me, you are not just assisting in a great social and sexual experience – you are helping me change my life. And for that you deserve thanks.”

“It was a pleasure partaking in the service. I enjoyed my time with the girls, as well as my calls with you. Everyone was great, fun, and I’m sure that this won’t be the last you hear of me. I might not become a very regular customer, but I’m sure I’ll still be a memorable one. You mentioned in an email to me that your vision was the ultimate girlfriend experience…. Well you have two girls who have made that vision a reality. You have two real stars! I couldn’t be happier with the experience.”

“I very much appreciated your service and told <….> that I would recommend it to anyone. There’s a taboo around it which makes that rather difficult of course. I think the initiative you’ve taken with this service is wonderful. You offer something that is of great use. I would like to thank you very much for all services. It was a learning experience, fun, intimate, an evening of passion and education. Just wonderful. Beautiful to look back at. I will never forget this. Thank you very much for mediating! Absolutely super!”

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