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Erotic Massage course

It was time for our annual erotic massage course again! Read a little bit more about a sensual erotic massage with one of our high class escorts.

Erotic Massage

Stimulate mind, body and soul with a sensual erotic massage during which the escort will use tantric techniques to stimulate all your senses.

Erotic Massage

Are you looking for the ultimate combination of physical and mental contact? Then our Erotic Massage Service might be perfect for you.

Sports massage

Luna offers an excellent sports massage, making you feel refreshed and energized… ready for some erotic fun to follow after the massage!

Sexy massage experience

Dream away with this sensual massage fantasy… can you imagine you are not only reading about this massage but experiencing it with an exclusive escort?

Candle Oil Massage

A sensual erotic massage by escort Luna, during which she uses a massage candle, which transforms into a warm, soft oil. Ultimate pleasure and relaxation!

Erotic Meditation

A discovery via guided meditation with Louise, followed by a massage with Reiki which will lead you into a world of full relaxation and extacy.

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