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Luxury dinner during the Corona crisis

Are you not satisfied with your own cooking skills or the average delivery service? Then our high class escort service will find the best delivery options for you.

What keeps our high end escorts busy

Curious about what our high end escorts have been up to in the past months? The escorts are happy to tell you more about their daily activities.

Hart van Nederland

On July 7, Marike, owner of our escort service, was in the early broadcast of Dutch television show Hart van Nederland from SBS6.

Algemeen Dagblad

On July 5, the AD Rotterdam published an article about the restart of sex work in the Netherlands from July 1. Society Service was interviewed for this.


On June 26, Libelle magazine published an article about how our high class escort service is dealing with the corona crisis in the Netherlands.

Venesco – part 2

Marike van der Velden is spokesperson for the Association of Dutch Escort Companies (Venesco) and has been in the news a number of times.

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