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For your convenience, we have created a tool with which you can search the contents of this website, with the exception of the profile pages of our high class escorts and exclusive gigolos. The search tool is rather easy to use. Simply type one keyword in the box on the right, that describes your question most, and hit “search”. Using just one keyword provides better results than using multiple keywords, as this search tool will search through our website for each keyword and not a combination. If you want to search for an other keyword, you can hit “reset”, and start over again. Make sure to use a keyword in the same language as this page.

Your search results are automatically organized through our basic settings. With the basic order, pages containing your keyword are listed first, followed by services, blogs, news and experiences. When you change the order to “score”, results with the highest score are listed first. The score is calculated by how often your keyword is found in that particular page. Last but not least, you can also order by date, which will order the search results from most to least recent.

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