International Bookings

International bookings with our high class escorts

The majority of our high class escorts live in Holland’s (The Netherlands) largest cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, but are also available for international bookings. Our escorts love to travel and are free to travel to almost any major city worldwide. Fly your favorite escort to the moon, or wherever you happen to call home. Even better if you head somewhere you wish you called home! A weekend away or a full length excursion, our escorts are passport ready for whatever voyage you may have in mind.

Whether you are looking for an escort to join you during a business trip or a private holiday, we gladly accommodate any request you might have. Society Service holds a Corporate Account with Holland’s most exclusive, Members Only, Concierge Service. They will not only take care of all travel arrangements for the escort but happily take care of your entire international booking, free of charge.

High class escort during a business trip

Our high class escorts are all elegant and intelligent young ladies and gentlemen who are pleasant and suitable company during your international business trip. While you are working during the day, the escort can make preparations for that evening, work on personal grooming or explore the city. In the evening the escort will be a charming companion by your side during your business dinner or romantic candlelit dinner for two.

Romantic citytrip with your escort

Do you want to spend a few days, a long weekend or a midweek in your favorite city? Society Service high class escorts happily escort you for a romantic city trip. View the city together and show each other the most beautiful sights. In the evening you’ll go out for dinner together, clubbing, casino, theatre and more, followed by an erotic night together. After a late breakfast in bed you can enjoy yet another wonderful day together… and another day… and another!

Enjoy a relaxing holiday together

Only hard work has never made anybody happy. You have deserved your ultimate dream holiday and our high class escorts are more then happy to escort you. Whether you enjoy a wonderful romantic holiday together at your fantasy destination or a holiday in a small group with your relations and/or friends; we happily arrange the company for your holiday. A week of partying in Ibiza, scuba diving in the Maldives, sailing at the Greek islands, the possibilities are endless.

Requirements by our escort service

New clients: International bookings with new clients are subject to additional screening and terms. Your booking can not be considered until we have received your Screening Form.

Minimum booking: Most European cities require a minimumbooking of 12 to 16 hours. Other worldwide cities require a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. The Standard Rates always apply to international bookings, which include airport transfer up to 150km in the Netherlands.

Travel methods: When the booking duration includes travel time, it is up to you which travel methods are used, as long as they are safe and with reasonable comfort. The travel time is always part of the booking duration when you travel together with the escort. When the travel time is not included with the booking duration and time starts when the escort arrives with you, the following applies: When your destination can be reached via fast-train within 5 hours, the escort will travel by train in first class. For destinations that require a flight, our escorts will travel economy class for flights up to 6 hours. Direct flights of 6 to 9 hours are travelled in economy plus, direct flights longer than 9 hours in business class. Indirect flights of 6 hours or longer are always in business class. When the (indirect) flight time is 12 hours or longer, the escort will always spent the first night in a private bedroom. For privacy reasons, it is not possible for a client to book the travel itinerary of the escort.

Prepayment: All international bookings require a prepayment via bank account of at least 50% of the booking rate and 100% of all travel expenses. Please note that costs associated with the escort’s journey, such as the ticket, visa and other entry requirements, airport transfer, etc. are increased with 21% VAT.

Requirements by the escort

Notice: The majority of our escorts are a fulltime student or have a fulltime job. Therefore, it is preferred that you place your international booking well in advance. Our escorts require at least 24 (Europe) up to 48 (Worldwide) hours notice, but more is preferred.

Safety: Our high class escorts do not visit countries where negative travel advice applies, with a predominant religion or major inequality between men and women. In addition, the escort must be reachable at all times. International bookings are usually not available to new clients. The possibilities are reviewed per situation and booking request.

Expectations: You are expected to be courteous and make an efford to offer your escort a pleasant stay. This includes offering your escort at least 6 hours of sleep per night. During bookings of 24 hours or more, the escort will require approximately 2 hours of private time a day, to take care of for example personal grooming (such as sports, hairdresser, etc.) and contacting home/work/studies. Your escort is required to call our office daily, you must offer the opportunity and privacy to do so. Your escort must be reachable at all times, have regular access to the internet and enjoy at least three meals per day at your expense. It is custom, but not required, with bookings of more than 24 hours for the escort to have an own hotel room.

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