International Bookings

International bookings with our high class escorts

The majority of our high class escorts live in Holland’s (The Netherlands) largest cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, but are often also available for international bookings. Our escorts love to travel and are free to travel to almost any major city worldwide. Fly your favorite escort to wherever you happen to call home. Even better if you head somewhere you wish you called home! Our escorts are passport ready for whatever voyage you may have in mind.

Whether you are looking for an escort to accompany you on a business trip or a personal vacation, we are happy to help. An international booking is easier and faster to realize than you might think. With our extensive experience in setting up international bookings, we have become very skilled and efficient travel agents. Naturally, all travel costs are at the clients expense, however we do not charge any additional costs for preparing your international booking. Not even if it is a bit more complicated and requires more effort.

High class escort during a business trip

For many ambitious and hard-working business people, business travel around the world is the rule rather than the exception. When your business trip takes you to a destination in the Netherlands, we are happy to provide you with company to relax and enjoy yourself after a hard day’s work. But this is also possible when you work brings you to a destination outside the Netherlands. Your favorite escort can spend the evening and night with you, but is also available for multi-day business trips. While you are working during the day, the escort can prepare for that evening or explore the area. Is your working day not quite finished and is a business dinner planned? Don’t worry, our high class escorts are all discreet, intelligent and eloquent and therefore excellent charming company during your business dinner.

Romantic citytrip with your escort

It’s great fun exploring a new city, from the architecture and art and culture to the local cuisine and nightlife. Even if only for a few days, you can escape the daily grind. With a high class escort from Society Service by your side, you can explore the most romantic places in the city and see them from a completely different side. You walk hand in hand through the streets, enjoy the stunning view and explore the most beautiful places. After a romantic dinner, an erotic night and a late breakfast in bed, you can enjoy yet another wonderful day together… and another day… and another!

With a high class escort on a dream holiday

Only hard work has never made anybody happy. You have deserved your ultimate dream holiday and our high class escorts are only too happy to accompany you. Whether you want to spend a wonderful romantic time as a couple at a dream destination or a holiday in a small group with your relations and/or friends; we happily arrange the company for your holiday. We are happy to share ideas with you how your dream holiday can be designed. We have organized countless trips and are happy to inspire you with a few examples;

  • The ultimate dream destination; several escorts have already visited the most exotic tropical islands. White beaches with palm trees, diving and snorkeling in a small bikini, cocktails, luxurious overwater villas… need we say more?
  • One of our escorts accompanied an open-minded couple for a midweek in Ibiza. Relax by the pool during the day, dance in a hip club in the evening and at night… sultry threesomes!
  • Adventure safaris: From Glamping safaris in Africa to reindeer and husky safaris in Lapland, our escorts love to take on the adventure.
  • For a larger group (an incentive trip) we provided several escorts for a few days on a luxury charter yacht that was floating between the Greek islands.

Requirements for international bookings

New clients: International bookings with new clients are subject to additional screening and terms. Your booking can not be considered until we have received your Screening Form. The possibilities are reviewed per request.

Minimum booking: Most European cities require a minimumbooking of 12 to 16 hours. Other worldwide destinations require a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. Your booking duration is coordinated based on available travel options. If you wish to end or start your booking at a time that does not match the available and suitable travel options, the waiting time between the trip and booking is part of the booking duration. Any associated (accommodation) costs will also be at your expense.

Rates and prepayment: A Guaranteed Booking is always required and the Standard Rates always apply. These include airport transfer up to 150 km in the Netherlands. A prepayment is required via bank transfer of at least 50% of the booking rate and 100% of all additional expenses, such as travel itinerary. Please note that all such expenses are increased with 21% VAT. After receiving your prepayment, we will arrange the travel itinerary and make further preparations. For privacy reasons, it is not possible for a client to book the travel itinerary of the escort.

Safety: Our high class escorts do not visit countries where negative travel advice applies, with a predominant religion and/or major inequality between men and women or where legal restrictions apply.

Travel methods: When the booking duration includes travel time, it is up to you which travel methods are used, as long as they are safe and with reasonable comfort. The travel time is always part of the booking duration when you travel together with the escort.

When the travel time is not included with the booking duration, time starts when the escort arrives with you and finishes when she leaves you. In terms of travel method, the most comfortable travel option with the fewest transfers and shortest total travel time will be chosen. Unless absolutely necessary to reach the destination of your booking, the escort’s journey to the booking cannot commence before 6:00 am.

  • The door-to-door travel time is less than 12 hours: Your escort will travel by express train or flight in economy class.
  • The door-to-door travel time is 12 to 18 hours: Your escort will travel by flight in business class. If your escort travels in economy comfort class, the escort sleeps the first night in a private bedroom. This night is part of your booking duration.
  • The door-to-door travel time is longer than 18 hours: Your escort will travel by flight in business class. The first night the escort always sleeps in a private bedroom, this night is part of your booking duration.

Preferences of our high class escorts

Notice: The majority of our escorts are a fulltime student or have a fulltime job. Therefore, it is preferred that you place your international booking well in advance. Our escorts require at least 2 (Europe) up to 4 (Worldwide) days notice, but more is preferred.

Expectations: You are expected to be courteous and make an efford to offer your escort a pleasant stay. Your escort should call our office every day, for which you should provide the opportunity and privacy. Your escort must be reachable at all times, have regular internet access and enjoy at least three meals per day at your expense.

Rest and relaxation: It will benefit your booking if your escort is rested and has some time for herself every now and then. That is why we ask you to ensure that your escort can sleep undisturbed for at least 6 hours a night. For bookings of 24 hours or longer, the escort requires approximately 2 hours a day of private time to, for example, keep up with personal care (sports, hairdresser, etc.) and in order and maintain contact with the home front (private and work/study). It is customary, but not required, for your escort to also have their own hotel room available for bookings longer than 24 hours.

Comfort: The activities during a booking can differ enormously. From lazing all day on the beach to exploring a city, shopping and sports activities. Please let us know what your plans are so that the escort can prepare for this. Whatever your plans are; some comfort is required to prevent your escort from running out of energy at the end of the day. Keep this in mind or ask us for advice and assistance if necessary.

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