Your physical appearance and booking a high end escort

Your physical appearance and booking a high end escort

No need to feel insecure with your high end escort

Our (potential) clients write to us with a variety of questions. One question stood out the other day. The gentleman in question asked if perhaps he was 'too fat and ugly' to book one of our high end escorts. It broke our heart to read this.

We explained to the gentleman that his appearance was irrellevant. In terms of appearance, the only requirement is that he needed to be well groomed. His inner beauty is far more important and if he would be respectful and take a genuine interest in getting to know the escort, she would enjoy spending time with him. Of course a bit of humor wouldn't hurt either. In this blog we discuss the most common insecurities of male clients.

Can I book an escort when I am overweight?

Yes, you most certainly can. Being (heavily) overweight is not an issue but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, your curves require extra grooming before and during the booking. Second, depending on how large you are, some sexual positions may be a bit of a challenge or be ruled out all-together. However, being a total starfish during the booking is not an option, you are expected to fully participate. We are sure, together with your high class escort, you'll find some positions that work well for both!

My skin is not flawless, will the escort mind?

No, she will not. Some people are not blessed with flawless skin and are troubled with issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Unless your skincondition is contagious (such as with herpes, scabies, measles, fungal infections, shingles, etc) your escort will not mind. We do recommend that you disclose your skin condition when making a booking or upon arrival. This avoids the escort having to worry about weather the condition is contagious or not. If your condition requires you to avoid certain oils or lubricants then please provide products that work well for you, they can then be used during the booking.

I am very hairy, do I need to get a full body wax?

Nope. In fact, some women very much enjoy a full chest of hair! Having said that, your private parts do need to be groomed and you want to avoid having any stubbles as they may sand the escorts' skin and hurt her. We've written a useful blog about how to groom your body hair as well as a blog about how to groom your private parts.

How about the size or shape of my genitals?

Also not an issue. Just like clients come in all shapes, colours and sizes, so do penisses and genitals. Some are big, some (very) small. Others bend a bit to one side, others are shy and don't go up. Perhaps you've had (one of) your testicals removed due to a health issue. Or you do not produce semen or have a colostomy bag for that same reason. We understand these things worry you and make you insecure but it only impacts your experience with the high class escort if you let it. For the escort they are not an issue.


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