Grooming your pubic area for an escort booking

Grooming your pubic area for an escort booking

Your pubic area for a booking with a high class escort

When you book with a high class escort, it is expected that at some point your high class escort will be on, under or between your pubic area. That is why this special place requires some extra attention.

It goes without saying that you should wash your pubic area thoroughly prior to your booking. The pubic area starts just below the navel and ends at your anus. Washing with lukewarm water is sufficient, the use of soap and perfume is not recommended. But what is actually just as important is hair removal from your pubic area. We will tell you more about that.

Depilation of the pubic area

Our high class escorts have (almost) no hair in the pubic area and prefer that you do not have any either. If this is not an option for you, cutting your pubic hair short is an absolute requirement to receive oral sex from your high class escort. However, if you would also like to have a hairless pubic area, our escorts and gigolos have listed a number of tips for you. These therefore apply to hair removal of the pubic area of a man and a woman.

Practice makes perfect: Practice not an hour before your booking, but a week in advance so that you can fully master the technique. Never rush, take your time and be careful.

Hair removal cream: There is hair removal cream on the market that you can apply to your pubic area, let it sit for a while (not longer than stated in the manual) and then remove it with water and your hands. Make sure you use a hair removal cream for sensitive skin and test it on the inside of your arm, for example, before use in the pubic area.

Shaving: Ensure elastic skin by warming it thoroughly with warm water. So you only shave at the end of a shower or bath. Apply perfume-free hairconditioner to the areas you want to shave to make the skin and hair more supple. Preferably use a new razor blade, many gentlemen use women's products for the pubic area. Pull the area you want to shave taut and shave in the direction of the hair. Yes, the pose may look a bit unflattering, but it's the result that counts. Don't press too hard, let the blade do the work.

After care: After shaving, let the warm water run for a while to soothe the skin. Gently pat the shaved skin dry and do not use perfumed products such as body lotion.

Alternatives: There are a number of hair removal options that provide long-lasting results, such as waxing, IPL and laser. These can be a good alternative for people who quickly suffer from bumps and irritation after shaving.


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