A wonderful Virgin Experience review

A wonderful Virgin Experience review

A neurodiverse client about his Virgin Experience 

Luckily, we receive many wonderful reviews from clients about their experience with our high class escortservice. But on occasion, one crosses our paths that is written so well that it deserves some special attention. The review below is written by a neurodiverse client (on the autism spectrum) who booked a Virgin Experience with us. 

It offers amazing insights and can be very helpful to others in a similar position. In addition, the cliënt in question may have felt challenged due to him being neurodiverse, in our eyes he did everything right in his preparations for this experience and for that reasons sets a great example to other clients. We proudly present this recent review at our blog. 

My experience as a person on the autism spectrum and the Virgin Experience

"Dating and relationship, in this modern world, can be difficult, emotionally exhausting, and even depressing at times. For me that has certainly been the case. As someone who is neurodiverse, having been diagnosed with Autism several years ago, the challenges I face in the dating world are somewhat magnified. Reading body language, subtle cues, hints, and knowing what to say and do, and when, can all be quite challenging for me. 

It was partly because of this that one evening, while considering going on a short holiday to Amsterdam, that the idea of seeing an escort came into my head. In my country, such an undertaking could land me in court, and probably prison, to say nothing of the effect it would have on my employment and future career prospects. Fortunately, the Dutch are a little more enlightened. Still, the idea of paying for something like that gave me pause. You need only look online to read any number of horror stories where young, naive men have found themselves misled at best, and drugged and robbed at worst. So it was not something I considered lightly.

Then I came across Society Service’s website. I could quite quickly tell something was different. No pop up adds, no clearly fake photos of models taken from Instagram, no empty promises of mind blowing sex. Instead, I find a well set out website, with links to news publications and reviews, even professionally written terms and conditions. This wasn’t some run of the mill outfit, but a well organised, and respectable looking organisation. I began to dig deeper, reading through the various blogs, learning how the agency operated, the safety measures it had in place to protect both clients and escorts, the standards they required for a booking, and what these entailed. Everything was set out clearly in plain English.

The same could be said of the profiles for each escort. Blurred out faces made me feel more confident that these were legitimate photos, backed up by a guarantee assuring this. The profiles were deep and informative, giving not only information on the escort and their rates, but also a snapshot of their personality, as well as giving an idea of what each escort was and wasn’t comfortable with. And while I didn’t make use of it on this occasion, the agency even offers a professional matchmaking service to ensure you are paired with the most suitable escort.

And then there was the specialised service that the agency offered that told me this was the one I should do business with. The virgin experience was very well explained, with every question answered. It offered exactly what I needed. The only question remaining was who to have a booking with. Society Service’s website helpfully lists all the escorts who are available for each kind of service, including which offer the virgin experience. It didn’t take me long to settle on Liv, and a quick check of her availability showed she would be open to bookings while I was in the city. 

Still, I won’t lie, it took a bit of courage on my part to fill out the forms and send everything off. I was surprised at the level of detail that the agency goes into. But I can certainly agree that it pays dividends later on. While some people may find doing all this as normal as booking a hotel, as someone who’s never done anything like this in their life, it was quite a big step. Imagine my surprise when I received a very prompt and professional reply. From there, everything was very simple. I booked reasonably far in advance, and I had no trouble going through the verification process, which was also very straightforward and reasonable. It didn’t feel like I was dabbling in the world of the sex industry. It felt more like I was booking just another part of my holiday, like the hotel or a restaurant booking. Marike is an absolute pleasure to deal with, promptly and clearly answering any question a first time client like me might have.

In addition though, the email she sent also had tailored advice for making the most of the virgin experience, which was really helpful in helping me prepare. One of the issues my autism gives me, is that I need clearly defined roles and expectations, so having plenty of advice, from hotel and restaurant requirements, to personal grooming, and etiquette advice was really helpful. 

By the time the date for my departure rolled around, I had a suitable hotel booked, as I had opted to arrange an overnight booking, something I strongly recommend. I also arranged dinner at a very nice restaurant. I cannot stress this enough to anyone reading this. If you are just looking for a proverbial roll in the hay, this service is not for you. This is very much an actual date night. As the client, you are expected to have put just as much effort into making sure the escort has a good time as she will for you. For me, this included a suitable hotel, a restaurant offering a cuisine listed as a favourite in Liv’s profile, and taking her vegetarian preferences into account when booking it. I bought a few drinks to offer her in the hotel room when she arrived, again, referring to her profile as a guide. And I bought her a small gift, inspired by a blog entry she made about her interest in art. As I said, attention to detail greatly paid off later on. 

Still, you can prepare all you want, but come the evening of the day I’d booked to see Liv, I found myself sitting downstairs in the hotel lobby, my heart beating like a drum playing a quick march. My autism can make me quite nervous at times. Despite everything, I still felt those little anxieties in the back of my mind. What if the whole thing turned out to be a con, and no one shows up? What if the woman who arrives looks nothing like the photos? What if I say or do something daft and offend her? These questions all evaporate however, when, right on time, I see Liv walk in. 

She’s not an easy woman to miss. While I didn’t know her face, as the agency’s website blurs them out for reasons of discretion, her blond curls and six foot tall stature allow her to stand out in a crowd. The heels she’s wearing probably add another inch or two. I watch as she elegantly walks through the lobby and takes a seat on one of the nearby sofas. To passers by, she is just another hotel guest. There’s nothing about her that would even hint about the real reason for her visit. Taking a breath, I get up, walk over and introduce myself. She smiles and stands up, positively towering over me at my own height of 5’7. My heart skips a beat as I look up at her smiling face. I’ve always been attracted to taller women. 

I lead her over the lifts, and we ride up to my floor. I blush a little and shyly admit that I’ve never done anything like this before. Liv is completely understanding and is easily able to put me at ease. Heading into my room, I offer her something to drink, having something myself as my throat has suddenly become quite parched. We get the practicalities out of the way first, and then afterwards, Liv sits down with me on the sofa and we begin to talk about what I am hoping to get out of our time together. 

Our conversation isn’t some checklist, or list of things I want to do. We talk about my experience, what I want to gain from tonight, and Liv offers some insight into what we can do together. She can read me like a book, and together, we soon have an evening planned out. She already knows that I am neurodiverse, and we also talk about how it affects me. Liv certainly knows a lot about conditions like mine, and with me sitting on the sofa, and her on a padded chair across from me, I joke that it feels like I’m in a therapists office, making her laugh. 

Before more intimate activities though, we’re going out for dinner together. We continue to chat, getting to know each other better on the cab ride there. I find that Liv and I actually have a fair bit in common with each other, and by the time we arrive at the restaurant, any real nerves have gone, and I find myself relaxing into things. 

While I’m quite able to afford such things, I’m not the sort of person who dines out much. There does remain something of a stigma about dining out alone. So it makes for quite a nice change of pace to go out to a Michelin starred restaurant. The fact that I have a beautiful woman sitting across from me certainly provides a nice ego boost too. As we relax and enjoy an aperitif, I find the very last of my nerves and the butterflies in my stomach going away. We chat about all sorts of things, marvel at the beautifully presented courses, and I even find myself flirting with Liv a little, and apparently doing a good job at it. I don’t quite know how she did it, but Liv managed to put me so at ease that I was able to forget all my anxieties and insecurities and enjoy a wonderful evening with her. We chat, we flirt and joke with each other, enjoying incredible food as the evening wears on. I don’t feel like I’m having dinner with an escort, I feel like I’m sharing a meal with someone I’ve known for ages. It’s almost like a dream. 

Eventually though, the time comes for us to head back to the hotel. I feel excited, but not nervous, it’s a pleasant sensation. The excitement only builds as I lead Liv back to my room. She never rushes things, and lets me do things at a pace I’m comfortable with, letting me get used to physical touch, checking if I’m okay and not getting overstimulated. One of the things I really liked about the evening, was how natural the progression was. A shower so we could get used to being naked with each other, a massage to get comfortable touching and being touched. Nothing felt forced. But at the same time, things didn’t move too slowly either. Liv knows when to take things further, when to ease up, and also when to tease a guy who’s a bit overeager and make him wait. 

From there, I’ll leave things to your imagination. Suffice it to say, I had an absolutely amazing time, with Liv pretty much turning my fantasies into reality and then some. I learnt a lot about pleasing a woman, about sex and intimacy, but also about myself. I am so very grateful for the time I got to spend with her, from a wonderful time together over dinner, to the night we spent together, and even just the simple breakfast in the hotel the following morning before we parted company. The only downside was that it had to end eventually. 

In closing, I will say that I cannot recommend Society Service enough. What you see and read on their website is the absolute truth. And for people like me, who are neurodiverse and may be considering seeing someone to help with their inexperience, the virgin experience is definitely a worthwhile investment. While it is a rare treat for me, I’m sure that, before too long, I’ll find myself booking another short getaway to the Netherlands to build on a wonderful first time experience.’


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