Why… Do escorts quit?

Why do escorts quit working as an high class escort?

We know, it's a real inconvenience when your favorite lady from one day onto another decides to retire from escorting. Why not just let you know well in advance so you can set up a proper "farewell booking?". And what about bookings that are booked well in advance? On the one hand we love advance bookings, on the other hand, chances are your escort will quit escorting in the meanwhile. Let's explain the most common reasons for escorts to quit working as an escort.

She does not enjoy it

Despite our thorough recruitment process, which takes about 3 months from first application to first booking, one in ten ladies who are hired stop within their first 10 bookings because it's just not something they enjoy.

She's in love

Our high class escorts are very desirable young ladies, and it will most likely not come as a surprise that they can fall in love as well. For most ladies, it's too difficult to combine a new relationship with their work as an escort, they can not balance this emotionally. In most cases, the escort will still do some bookings when she is dating a person, not knowing where the relationship might go. But when there's a sign it's becoming more than just dating, it's possible she will decide to stop working as an escort. This decision can be made overnight and once it's made, it will be affective immediately.

A woman of flesh and blood

As an high class escort, you need to be in fantastic shape. Things that are no problem in a day to day job, are a definite no-go when it comes to high class escorting. An escort can not have a cold or running nose, broken her pinkie toe, a burn from cooking, a cold-sore, stitches from a small clumsy moment, a bad hairdo, and so much more things that people deal with all the time in day to day life. If she needs to have her appendix taken out, it's an emergency surgery. Nothing major but it will be 3 months before all signs of the surgery are gone. Same goes for breaking a leg on your ski holiday, it will be 6 months before she's up in her high heels again. If the escort is not in fantastic shape, she will not be able to go on a booking and her profile will be taken down for a certain period.

An other adventure

Our escorts are smart and adventurous young ladies and working as an high class escort is just something they do on the side, it's not a fulltime career. We support our escorts in opportunities such as studies, internships and job opportunities (abroad), her career taking off, setting up her own business, taking a trip around the world and so on. The unfortunate result however, is that the escort will no longer have the time or opportunity to work with us as an high class escort and therefore decides to quit.

Family emergency

Escorts also have family and friends, and unfortunate things can happen to them as well. A person might die, fall ill, deal with an emotional crisis and so on, that require the support and attention of the escort. In an everyday job, you might pull of going back to work a few days after a funeral, as an escort you can't. During a booking she is expected to be the ideal version of herself and she can't possible make you feel good, if she's not feeling fantastic. With her mind on her family and friends, will result in a less nice booking for you, therefore the booking will be cancelled until she's feeling like her amazing self again. During this period, her profile will be taken down.

She gets fired

At Society Service, we work with a simple set of rules that allow us all to work together in a comfortable and safe environment, based on mutual respect. If an escort fails to follow these rules, she gets fired. These rules are not complicated. They are simple, like showing up on time and as agreed for bookings, to keep her availability up to date, not accept contact with clients outside our mediation (in short; not steal from us), be discreet and respectful and so on. When several warnings are not sufficient, we will no longer invest our time and efforts in the escort and ask her to leave our company.