Gift suggestions for your high end escort

Gift suggestions for your high end escort

A high class escort present

Tonight it is "pakjesavond", part of the Dutch tradition: Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is wandering around the Netherlands tonight with his black helpers to give all children presents as a reward for their good behavior in the past year. Also with our high class escortservice it's "pakjesavond". Not that we send our lovely escorts on the road with a bag of presents, as they are already a present to unwrap. Especially the beautiful lingerie of Pleasurements contributes to that, after all; what could be a nicer gift to unwrap then a beautiful high class escort wrapped in sexy lingerie?

Booking a high class escort is a present to yourself

When you book a high class escort you can consider this as a gift to yourself. Being together with your escort is something to enjoy, from the pleasant conversations, intimate moments, the excitement and arousal, but then again a relaxed feeling. You will feel the stress drifting off your shoulders and you will have energy for everyday obligations. At least, that's how our clients describe their experiences with our high class escort service.

A present for the high class escort

Although the high class escort is a present for yourself, you can also give the escort a present. Many of our escorts really enjoy receiving a souvenir from your country so that they get to know you and your culture better. But also some flowers or favorite perfume are always greatly appreciated. Do you really want to make an impression? Then go for a set of beautiful lingerie. With the upcoming holiday season, the color red seems suitable to us. Whatever you choose, your escort will greatly appreciate the gesture and the saying "what you give is what you get..." may well turn out to your advantage...