What's a high end escort photoshoot like?

What's a high end escort photoshoot like?

In this way we take care of photos of our high end escorts

Beautiful and representative photos are of great importance with a high-end escort service. After all, you want to have an idea of the appearance of the high end escorts in order to make a choice who you think is the most attractive escort. At our high-end escort service we organize a photo shoot every few months. These are often at our permanent location in Rotterdam, but we also sometimes arrange for another location, such as a recent location with a beautiful garden and swimming pool.

We had already set the date at the beginning of the year; a Saturday in late May. During this period, the garden where we held the photo shoot would be at its most beautiful. Unfortunately, the weather in that period, or actually always in the Netherlands, is unpredictable. A some clouds is nice on the pictures, but we can't do anything when there's a huge downpour. We were lucky; after a long period of rain it was a beautiful day. So beautiful, in fact, that some of the ladies made a splash in the pool at the end of the shoot.

A photo shoot with the high end escorts is lots of fun

We organize a photo shoot not only because we need pictures of the escort, but also to give the escorts the opportunity to chat with colleagues and get to know each other better. In this way a start is made for successful duos for a bisexual duo booking. With all the escorts together, it's lots of fun.

The escorts are often rather nervous

Although our high end escorts are all beautiful, they often have little or no experience in front of the camera. And when an escort does have extensive experience as a model, that is not always an advantage. The typical fashion photos are not very sexy, so the model escort has to adopt a completely different posture and facial expression than they are used to. That is why the escorts are often quite nervous before the photo shoot. Fortunately, we always manage to get a great picture of the escorts.

A photo shoot is also quite hard work

Although the most natural poses look the best in the photo, in reality they are not so natural at all. The breasts and buttocks more turned towards the camera, a straight posture, hands placed in the right way, feet stretched, modeling is not inferior to a good Pilates session. The escorts can therefore count on a little muscle soreness the next day. And while the escort squeezes into a pose that should look natural but isn't, she also needs to make sure that the facial expression is friendly and all hair and clothing is properly arranged. So that is quite hard work.

The pictures are edited after the photo shoot

We make no secret of the fact that we edit the photos before they are placed on the website. During the editing, all recognizable characteristics of the escort are removed, such as piercings and tattoos, but also scars and moles are removed. The color of the photos is 'pulled up' so that the photo is clear and sharp. Finally, disturbing elements are adjusted, such as a socket in the background or some hair that sticks out strangely. What we don't adjust, however, is the shape of the body. The curves of the escorts are just as beautiful in real life as in the photo. We think this is important because we want to give you a realistic picture of the escort's appearance. By publishing heavily edited photos, we run the risk that you will refuse the escort upon arrival, and we obviously want to spare our high-end escorts such embarrassment.


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