Visit a private sauna with your high end escort

Visit a private sauna with your high end escort

The nicest private saunas in the Netherlands to visit with your high end escort

Have you booked a high-end escort from Society Service and are you considering an intimate get-together? Then visit a private sauna. First of all, it is the ideal place to let off steam. Moreover, a private sauna offers the sexy high-end escort and you the opportunity to let things get hot between the two of you. Would you like to know which private saunas we think are the best in the regions of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven? Then read on. Who knows, the high-end escort from Society Service and you may soon find each other's warmth in one of these exciting private saunas.

You can visit the private sauna from your home or hotel and travel here together with the high end escort as part of your booking. It is also possible to have your entire booking take place in the private sauna. As a new client, however, a prepayment via bank transfer is required. You will then usually meet your high-end escort in front of the entrance of the complex and enter together. As with any other booking, the social aspect is also of great importance with a private sauna. You will remain dressed for at least the first half hour of your booking, although in this location you will probably be wearing a lovely luxurious bathrobe.

Private Sauna in the south of the Netherlands

A private sauna that we think is very worthwhile is Luxpa in Heeze. At this private sauna, which is located near Eindhoven, everything is focused on your personal wishes. Do you want a true spa bath sensation? At Luxpa you step into a lovely bath where you enjoy a wonderful hydro massage. Would you like to let off steam in the Finnish sauna and then catch your breath in the infrared lounge? At Luxpa, all facilities have a positive influence on your general condition. And are your muscles, joints and circulation once in perfect condition again? Then step into the comfortable relax area to thoroughly enjoy each other's titillating bodies. Would you rather explore another private sauna in Eindhoven? Then Spa 040 is also recommended. Is an afternoon of relaxation not enough for you? In the Oisterwijk forests you can enjoy a wonderful stay at Spa Parel in Moergestel. Last but not least; near Den Bosch you find the wonderful Bubbels in Bommel.

Private Spa in Amsterdam to visit with your high class escort

A private sauna that we also heartily recommend is private spa 1001. At this private sauna, which has a location in both North and West Amsterdam, the high-end escort of Society Service and you can enjoy a variety of options. Think of: warm foot baths, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish steam cabin with sky ceiling and a bubble bath. In between using these facilities, it is important to cool down and rest from the heat buildup that is going on in your bodies. The perfect place for this is the relax sofa. Here you can cuddle and playfully speculate what else the exciting date will bring you. Would you rather go to an exclusive private wellness center in Haarlem? Then Spa Bada might be a good choice.

Private Sauna near Amsterdam but outside the centre

Do you know what is also a wonderful private sauna? Atlantis Spa. This sauna complex is located in Amstelveen and has two private units. The Dubai and the fascinating Abu Dhabi. Both luxury units have a swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam cabin and a lovely lounge bed. Atlantis Spa is a private sauna with an Eastern atmosphere and the perfect place to do whatever you and the high end escort of Society Service feel like. Spa Atlantis has several other locations available in The Hague and Amstelveen. Looking for an alternative? Spa Nova has several locations available in Hoofddorp, near Schiphol.

As far as we are concerned, Personal Spa in Diemen is definitely one of the nicest private saunas in the Netherlands. If you visit the private sauna with the sexy escort from Society Service, you can choose from four options. You can choose from: The Asian, The Japanese, The Mediterranean and The American Style. All these saunas have one thing in common: you can enjoy all the modern wellness facilities. And is the sauna round over now? Step into the spacious bed with the high-end escort of Society Service and then give each other an erotic massage that you will never forget.

Private Sauna in Rotterdam and surroudings

A private sauna where you should definitely take the sexy high end escort from Society Service is Sauna Privada. This luxury sauna complex is located in Rotterdam and can be rented in its entirety. This way you can enjoy all kinds of luxurious wellness facilities without prying eyes, such as a Finnish sauna, bubble bath, steam cabin, lounge area and of course: each other! Looking for an alternative? Spa Nova has various locations available in Rotterdam and Rijswijk, near The Hague. Elita Spa in Zoetermeer is also worth a visit.

Personal Spa in and near Utrecht to visit with your escort

A private spa we recently discovered when one of our clients recommended it to us is Spa Calamante in Ijsselstein. Spa Calamante offers a sauna Bronze and sauna Gold, both looking stunning. At request, they can provide lovely snacks and drinks as well. 

What to keep in mind with a private spa

As nice as a private sauna is, note that they usually have no or only a very limited range of snacks and drinks. Do yourself and your escort a favor and make sure that if your private sauna does not take care of this, you have a delicious bottle of bubbles with some snacks ready.

Our escorts only visit the more luxurious private saunas. In the Randstad and larger cities you can use a minimum rate of €160 for 2.5 hours as an indication to see if the private sauna you have chosen can be visited by our high class escorts. Cheaper locations, and those offered by private providers on websites such as SecretRooms are usually not suitable. Locations that can be rented for less than 2 hours are not visited by our escorts.

Just like any other booking, a booking at a private spa starts with getting to know each other on a social and mental level, while being fully dressed. The luxury private spa must at least have a sitting area and separate lounge corner or bedroom, shower, bath or whirlpool or swimmingpool and sauna with a high-quality finish and towels and bathrobes available. Are you unsure? Then inquire with us.


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