An amazing and honest Virgin Experience review

An amazing and honest Virgin Experience review

Review for the Virgin Experience of our escortservice

At our high class escortservice, we offer a special service called the Virgin Experience. This is a special service for ladies and gentlemen of 21 years and older with very little to no experience with intimacy and eroticism. The escorts who are available for the Virgin Experience are carefully selected for their social skills, enjoy learning others about their sexuality and are patient, sweet and kind in personality.

We often receive reviews at our high class escortservice, but recently received a wonderful elaborate review on our Virgin Experience, which the client in question asked us to share, as it could benefit other (potential) clients. Read on for the review. The only alterations made were for discretion reasons, to shorten the review a bit, or to remove graphic details.

My experience with the Virgin Experience during my stay in Amsterdam (short version)

"I gotta admit Society Service's "Virgin Experience" was like an Oasis in the desert. I was searching for days through the internet to find somebody whose skills and looks would match what was advertised. Along with the usual anxiety of it being my first time I didn't want to have it soured by any bate&switch happening. After a few days of searching I came upon Society Service. Their openness about what they offered and what was involved or not was refreshing in the midst of chaos that is the web, where stolen pictures from instagram being advertised as escorts or having outrageous prices is the norm.

Marike was very open in our communication and the info she provided was really helpful. The FAQ and the Escort Etiquette pages on the website allowed me to just prepare everything else beforehand and worry about the only thing that matters. Helena was very understanding of the situation and acted in a way I was hoping for and more. She took charge and gave directions but also allowed me to do my own thing when the time allowed it. I still think if I should have picked the Sultan Package, but c'est la vie. In general I experienced a night that I don't regret for a second. It went on how I wanted it to be, something that is memorable that will stay with me forever."

A night to remember with an escort from the Virgin Experience (long version)

"This is the story of how I lost my virginity at the age of 28 to an escort named Helena. Be me. Be 28 year old kissless virgin. After somewhat an eventful night out drinking with a friend of mine that involved getting close to a girl, something in me clicks. Being 28 and a kissless virgin hadn't bothered me until now, of course I wanted to have sex but not being intimate with someone was something I made my peace with. But after the eventful night it bothered me, a lot. I was much more interested in a whole aspect of life I neglected. I am not asexual or anything.

I have a trip that involves me staying in Amsterdam for 2 nights. So I start to investigate how the marketplace for sex works. Decide window girls just won't do. Also decide brothels won't be private enough, I am a person who cares for my privacy. So I decide the best way to do it would be to call an escort to a hotel room. But still be so indecisive I literally didn't even book a hotel room after I landed to Amsterdam. I still hadn't pulled the trigger at that point.

Back to a week before I was still searching websites. Most are fake, stolen photos from instagram that can easily be found by reverse image searching. Some are more clever to buy stock photos, but still... Even register to a few forums that specialize in escorts and other girls in Amsterdam. In the end after a suggestion I decide to go with a high class escort service. Really didn't want to have somebody that didn't look like the picture show up on my hotel room and sour the night. They even have a thing for virgins, where you take them to dinner and stuff (this is not an ad but it is related to the story). So when i reach to hotel I look up who is available, but it is 6pm already and I don't want to rush it. So I look for who is available the day after.

Then I found her. A girl named Helena and what catches me in her profile is one of her interests is in politics. I do love political theory, not the contemporary stuff like how many scoops of ice cream trump had. But actual ideas like what rights and responsibilities are. At that point i decide to pull the trigger for the next night. It's happening! The whole next day I am obviously super distracted. A few hours until the arranged time I come back to the hotel to prepare. Take a shower, trim the beard, put on nice clothes, the works. Make a reservation in some fancy Michelin star restaurant. Everything is sort of prepared except myself. I am pacing the room non stop. Literally over an hour of pacing and checking messages.

I had gotten some drinks that Helena's bio listed as she likes, doing this proper and not missing a step. So I ordered a bucket of ice and 2 wine glasses from the room service. When the door knocks I know I actually jumped and squealed a bit. Take a deep breath, or two; and open the door. There she is, Helena. Looks slightly different from her pictures, much better actually which is a pleasant surprise let me tell you. I invite her in, she takes her coat off and sits on the sofa. We make our introductions and I offer her some wine. We start drinking and talking and getting to know each other. I can live with this. We actually talk about political theory as well, and she knows what she is talking about. Easy to talk to and sociable.

After about 15 min we leave for the restaurant. Actually properly have a conversation the entire way. The food is pretty alright too, fancy restaurant, which takes a bit longer than expected but it's ok. We talk, like a lot. Not really flirty talk, more about personal life in general. Obviously her part was lacking any specific details. We talked about a girl I liked too. I don't think she likes me back. But Helena gave me encouragement to pursue her further. We even talked about how I am at the situation where I called an escort, why now and such. As I said she makes conversation well, sociable and easy to talk to.

Eventually she is the one who says we should go back to the hotel. Up until this point I don't think I properly touched her. On the cab ride back to the hotel I put my hand in to seat between us. She holds it and starts fondling with it. That thing had kind of its own excitement buildup like you are on an actual date, it was a good thing. We get back to the hotel room and sit on the opposite sides of the bed after pouring more wine. As we lie on the bed she approaches me and kisses me.

So not a kissless virgin at that point, just a virgin. Didn't know she could taste that good. Apparently I enjoy kissing, who knew. After a few more she offers me a massage, which feels tingly and I giggle a good amount. During the kissing and the rest of the night, she gives quick notes without interrupting the flow. "Do it like x" "Move it a bit y" and so on. Which I appreciate, I am not turning down good advice. After that she gets on top of me and starts undressing. Slowly though. In the meantime I caress her body, she has a nice figure. I am still fully dressed. Helena leans down for a kiss every few seconds while I enjoy the moment. I caress her body non stop at this point. And she directs my hand to her boobs. They are really nice boobs.

Then she removes my clothes and Helena and I get more intimate which feels great. Spoiler alert tough, I didn't orgasm once when I was with her. Amount of actual action lasted over 2 hours but nope. And guys it is more frustrating than you think. Although it doesn't shadow the entire experience at all. Helena teaches me what a vagina looks like and how she likes to be touched. In general I am already overwhelmed with everything at this point. I am enjoying the moment. I had been enjoying her company all night. She is beautiful and I think the moment is just perfect. I might have said "you are perfect" a few too many times during the night.

When I am pleasuring her, I get a bit excited. I had written I was a timid person a bit would love the escort to take charge on the application. She tells me a bit smirkily "timid huh?". That sentence will stay with me forever. It also proves she read the application and studied a bit, which I appreciate. I did the same as well, made sure all the favorite drinks were there, the restaurant was fitting, the works. We are getting the end of our time in the meantime, her phone I buzzes. Well I have foreseen this eventuality happening, her leaving before I want her to. Obviously I want her to never leave but now is just not the right time. So I had put another envelope in my bag, one which has enough money to extend the duration of her stay by one hour.

After the deed and everything is done I help her getting dressed and escort her downstairs. She gives me 2 kisses on the lips before she leaves and we say our goodbyes. I was with Helena for 6 hours. I enjoyed every second of it. I am not really a different man after this, not a virgin. But it all feels the same. I am happy tough, it is a thing that happened. I will cherrish and remember the memories forever. It was what I wanted and I would like to hope she will remember me sometimes."