Turn off the escort

How to get your escort from excited to turned off in a matter of seconds

When going on a regular date in day to day life, you do so to get to know each other and see if there is potential for a relationship. In general, the gentleman will try and impress the lady by showing her how amazing he is. In return, she will allow him to seduce her and let him get closer. Going on a booking with a high class escort is very similar, accept for one major thing. Unlike a regular date, where you need to "prove" how great you are, the high class escort will already assume you are an amazing person. She will enter the booking with the assumption you are the perfect gentleman and she will enjoy your company thoroughly. All you need to do basically, is not change her mind. Throughout the years we've seen some things that our clients have done during bookings, consciously or unconsciously, that made the escort go from excited to turned off in a matter of seconds. Here are some examples of memorable turnoffs.

Hassle about money with the escort

What not to do: The rates of our lovely escorts can be found in her online profile on our website and are always confirmed when making a booking. Therefore, it can not be a shocking surprise how much you have to pay for her time when she arrives. You can imagine, trying to negotiate the rate, or not paying the correct amount, is like telling her you think she's not worth it. That's not a great start of a booking. That's not to say, tipping does make for a great start of the booking. Tipping is never expected or required, but you are welcome to do so at your own discretion. A turnoff however would be to tip your escort at the beginning of the booking, and then refer to the provided tip as part of the payment for extended hours. Yes, this actually happened. On several occasions, clients have asked the escort to include the tip they had provided earlier as part of the payment for the extra hour(s).

What you should do: Have the agreed amount, counted and ready upon arrival in a discreet envelope. When a gift or tip is provided at the start, you should only ask back for it if you are having a terrible experience. Even better; only provide a tip or gift after your amazing experience.

Invite the escort into a messy situation

What not to do: When the high class escort enters the location, to find a mess, she's already turned off before you've even said a word. And if it's too messy, she'll most likely turn around and go back home. Not providing a tidy location, suggests you don't care about her comfort and do not see your time together as a special occasion. Same goes for your personal hygiene. If you do not pay special attention to personal grooming and fresh clothing, the escort will be less likely to initiate intimate contact. She'll take one look, or smell, at you and the location and change into an instant neat freak.

What you should do: Make sure you, your clothing and your location are in supreme state of hygiene and preparation. Set the mood by lighting a few candles, without burning down the hotel. And put on some nice music that fills the room in the background. So lounge music, jazz and bossanova in stead of hardrock and techno.

Making the escort walk a long distance

What not to do: Unless otherwise requested, your escort will arrive wearing elegant stiletto heels. This type of shoes are meant for stepping in and out of a taxi and looking sexy. They are not meant for walking more than a few minutes. High heels look uncomfortable, because in fact they are. Asking the escort to walk several blocks to the restaurant of your choice, or even worse, to go sightseeing with you in high heels will make her feet hurt like hell. Painful feet will only get her into the mood for a foot rub and no more.

What you should do: If you do want to go out for a walk, then please inform us beforehand. The escort will bring some comfortable flats to the booking and change into her high heels whenever suitable. You are already spending a great deal of money on your time with the high class escort, by all means, spend a little bit more on a taxi.

Surprise threesome

What not to do: When inviting one of our high class escort to join you and your partner for a sexy threesome, make sure to also inform your partner. The last thing you want is a fight with your partner about "what on earth this other woman is doing here". It will create a very uncomfortable situation for all parties involved, to say the least. It can even rack up your bill for damages caused by flying glassware. In addition, if your partner refuses the threesome, you'll still be paying for the minimum booking of the escort.

What you should do: Talk to your partner about your threesome fantasies, make her part of them. Selecting your favorite high class escort, looking forward to the booking and getting ready together for the booking is also part of the fun.

Providing used toys and outfits

What not to do: Wonderful, you have a special fantasy and you've brought some toys and outfits to play with. Well done. Just make sure they are brand new. When it comes to sexuality, second-hand items are not an option. It is kind off gross actually. Neither will your escort go to your booking after just being with an other sexual partner, straight from the gym, and so on. She'll arrive immaculately groomed just for you.

What you should do: Check the profile of your high class escort, it includes her sizes. If you need sizes that are not listed, we are welcome to check and provide them so you can purchase exactly what you like prior to your booking.

Showing off with the high class escort

What not to do: Even when your high class escort is the most beautiful woman you've ever laid your eyes on, this still does not give you reason to invite your friends over to show her off. Or parade her around your home town. She is not a new car or prize you've just won. You want discretion, so does the escort. Inviting the escort to join you to a corporate event, business dinner, or even personal party can however be discussed, but requires getting to know each other before going to such an occasion.

What you should do: Take into consideration the need for privacy of the escort. Discuss your plans with her and allow her to provide some input. We are sure there's a solution that works for both.