A transsexual high class escort

A transsexual high class escort

We welcome our very first transsexual high class escort

A while ago we informed you that gender diversity is also important in our high class escort service. We adapted our application requirements to this and hoped for applications from people who did not identify themselves as so-called 'cis hetero' persons. We had to be patient for a while, but finally she was there; Helena applied with us. After a few interviews, Helena and we decided to go for it, so today we proudly present our first transsexual high class escort; Helena.

Such a beautiful moment should of course be celebrated and deserves some extra attention. That is why we sent the press release below to our media contacts today. Of course we will celebrate the arrival of Helena in an appropriate way within our team. But you may also find this an exciting and interesting development with our escort service. In that case Helena would be very happy to be invited by you to celebrate her arrival together.

Rising demand for transgender escorts
Society Service responds to changing customer needs with transgender

AMSTERDAM, November 30, 2021. High-class escort company Society Service, market leader in the Netherlands for fifteen years in the premium sector for eroticism, is signaling an increasing demand for transgender escorts. As the first - and so far the only - high class escort service, Society Service will now respond to this need of clients by also offering escorts who have undergone a gender change.

“We also see the discussion about gender identity translated into the needs of clients. We see the boundaries between the male and female sex increasingly blurred. We believe it is important to respond effectively to this social development. And of course it also has a commercial reason: more and more clients are asking for it,” says Marike van der Velden, director and founder of Society Service.

“Great that Society Service offers me this opportunity”
The first transgender escort will soon kick off. Interviews with several candidates are currently in process. Today, Society Service will introduce its first transgender escort. She (born 'he') is called Helena (26 years old). “I am delighted that Society Service is offering me this opportunity. The gender assigned at birth was male, but at a young age I realized that I actually identified as female. I feel like a woman down to the smallest fiber of my body and mind. I love eroticism and sexuality and I am very happy that I can now work as a professional high class escort. I am looking forward to it!"

Tolerant attitude towards transgenders has grown enormously
Marike van der Velden: “It is no longer so self-evident that people identify themselves as the same sex with which they were born. More and more attention is being paid to different gender identities. The coming out of Caitlyn Jenner as a trans woman was widely reported in the media. A tolerant attitude towards transgender people is growing in popularity. Six years after Caitlyn Jenner's coming out, the media image has been definitively affected and transgender actors and actresses have long been no exception.” 

“Important to open up a company to LGBT people”
Society Service adjusted its application requirements in 2020, taking a first step towards greater gender diversity. The minimum age of 21 years, higher education level, inner and outer beauty and a motivation based on pleasure in work remained standard requirements to get started as an exclusive escort. “I think it's important to open up my company to spectacular LBGT people. I also think it's important to meet a secret need among my clients. Despite the fact that many of them are serious and ambitious businessmen, I'm sure many secretly fantasize about an exciting time with a trans woman. After all, you desire what you see.”

Proud agency owner Marike (left) with transsexual escort Helena (right)


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