Tipping etiquette with a high class escort

Tipping etiquette with a high class escort

How to tip an high class escort

A common question asked is how to tip your high class escort. Is this common practice, and if so, how is it done discreetly? Let us get into it a bit more. We have already given the subject some space on our website at our general Escort Etiquette page and our Rate page. But still, it's a question asked often. We tell our clients tips, extras and presents are never required but always appreciated. This is the foundation of our point of view concerning tipping and giving presents. So let's get the first thing out of the way; No, your escort will not expect a tip. She will not ask for one, neither will she wait for one and create an uncomfortable situation. Neither will she ask for presents or other extras during your time together. But like all women, our high class escorts do love te be spoiled. You can do so in a number of ways.

1. Make an effort to give her an amazing experience as well

This is the best gift for your high class escort. To make an effort to give her a great time as well. Trust us, your efforts will be rewarded. Small things like having her favorite drinks ready, perhaps a small snack and some candles can make all the difference. Do you think she rather meets a person who opens a door in a robe or a gentleman in a nice outfit, who has made the obvious effort to create an amazing experience? And when she realizes the efforts you've made, how do you think she'll respond? Exactly... she'll be a perfect lady, return the respect you are giving her and do her very very very best to make this the best experience for her as well as you. Anybody into "investments" can see this is a rather safe bet. Small investment, huge return.

2. Give her a present

The part where you make an effort already gives you a great advantage, let alone if it comes along with a present. Be it small or big, your high class escort will feel special, like you've been looking forward to meeting her as much as she's been looking forward to meeting you. A small gift can be a single red rose, her favorite perfume, a scented candle, souvenir from your country or a book you think she'll enjoy reading. Don't underestimate how much these small gifts are appreciated by the escort. She'll adore you for making the effort and cherish your gift. Some clients enjoy spoiling their high class escort with a larger gift, such as luxurious lingerie, jewelry, designer bags or even a car. Needless to say, this is very much appreciated but no more than the smaller gifts. Only do so if the pleasure of giving such a gift is equal to the pleasure of a lady receiving it. In general, such gifts are reserved to clients and escorts who've spent several successful dates already.

3. Tipping the high class escort

Despite our higher rates, many of our clients enjoy tipping the high class escort. Let us point out this is completely between you and the escort. Our company, and the tax authorities have nothing to do with it. Of course we expect her to declare her extra income but we'll not be checking up on it... you get the point right? In The Netherlands, tipping is an extra reserved to those who provide an outstanding service. Whether it's a taxi, restaurant or escort, Dutch people only tip when the service received was beyond what they expected. So when you tip your escort, it's like saying "you've met and exceeded all my expectations, so thank you". With this in mind, it is best to tip at the end of your pleasant time together. But speaking of etiquette... a definite no-go is to tip your escort at the beginning of your booking and when extending your time with her referring to the extra amount paid at the beginning and then deducting it from the fee for the extra time. That is not a gentlemanly thing to do. It might come as a surprise but we do hear about this happening from time to time and it keeps on surprising us. So gentlemen, your tip can not be returned so reserve it as a special gesture at the end of an amazing date. When providing her with an extra at the end of your time together, leave it in plain sight and refer to the extra you've left for her there. She's not a bellboy and will not see you slipping it into her hands coming.


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