The four G's of high class escort Jane

The four G's of high class escort Jane

A couple shares their experience with escort Jane in Amsterdam

In our previous blog high class Jane already told a little more about herself. A couple who regularly books an escort with our escort service also told us a bit more about Jane. We liked the description so much that we asked the couple if we could publish the review as an addition to Jane's profile. That was allowed. The nice thing about this review is that it was written by the man and his take on this experience. We are therefore very curious about his next experiences with our high class escort service.

An amazing review of high class escort Jane by a couple

"My wife and I have been booking an escort with Society Service for several years now to fuel our relationship a few times a year. Two desires come together: my wife's desire to have sex with another woman. And my desire to have sex with two women. Moreover, the woman adds "the tenderness in our relationship", according to my wife. We have now had three bookings through Society Service with spontaneous and sociable Jane from the south of the Netherlands. She has a beautiful body, slim with nice full breasts and an ass that will make every man licks his fingers and the rest.

We went to a well-known swingers club with her twice and last weekend we booked her for one afternoon/evening during a long 'pampering weekend' in a suite of a beautiful Amsterdam hotel. From the fact that we have now booked her as a couple for the third time, you can deduce that we are super satisfied. Jane has a body every woman dreams of and every man yearns for. She has a very spontaneous and pleasant appearance, we immediately feel at ease with her. Especially my wife and that is actually the most important. She is leading this booking, as soon as the female half of the couple is having a good time, the rest will follow naturally.

We usually spend the first hour and a half of our booking having a drink and social talk. Jane is great at that, a professional with a natural aptitude for the craft she holds. She does not do a 'trick' but she is 'just' herself, or at least she is very capable of giving the client this feeling. She can talk about the most diverse subjects, is interested without being curious and she has a lot of humor. Moreover, when booking with a couple, she has an antenna on that almost permanently senses what the female half wants or feels, without completely losing sight of the male half. I'm a bit second place, but that's 'all-in the game', after all, a whole evening with bottles of bubbly and two women in one large hotel bed, what man doesn't want that? Sometimes in the middle, sometimes on one side, on the back, or on the stomach, on the knees or whatever position. Knowing your position as a male half during such an evening is no task at all.

Jane subtly directs without you as a client getting the feeling that she determines everything. On the contrary, the wishes of you as a couple are paramount, but she knows how to steer everything in the right direction. She has a naughty horniness that shows that she really likes what she's doing and doesn't feel an 'obligation' or 'should'. No, she is enjoying herself to the fullest, just like the couple who booked her – us in this case. We also have some kinky wishes during such an evening and she enjoys that too. Jane is amazing at the 'standard' sexual acts but as soon as it gets more kinky, you notice that her erotic heart starts beating a little faster. She has a lot of experience and holds (almost) no taboos. On request, Jane will bring a nice collection of toys that can be played with all evening. She's up for almost anything, I'm sure we're far from finished with 'the book of Jane' and that we still have many 'chapters' to go.

It became a booking of the four G's:
We had a Geweldig (Great), Gezellige (Fun), Geile (Horny), G-spot night with Jane. Power fodder for (every?) relationship. Such an evening costs energy, but yields much more. Fuel that our relational engine can use again in the near future. Society Service, we will be happy to refuel soon. Glad the pump is open again!!"


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