Summer suggestions with an escort

Summer suggestions with an escort

Some suggestions for summertime fun with a high class escort

Needless to say, taking your favorite high class escort to an exotic island for a relaxing holiday, is a great way to spend the summer. But we can't all be that lucky, so for those with just a day or evening to spare, we have some special summertime suggestions. Since our high class escorts are based throughout The Netherlands, our suggestions are based on activities in The Netherlands as well. Plenty of ideas for your next booking with us!

Spend some time on the water

Throughout history, the Dutch have conceded many things including water. Our ships have crossed oceans, our dikes protect our land from the water. Today, the Dutch own over half a million boats, according to HISWA. Now, wouldn't it be fun to include this during your booking with one of our lovely high class escorts? You can invite your escort for a dinner cruise on an antique riverboat. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, rent a boat and sail our Amsterdam canals for yourself.

Relax with a massage and spa wellness

The Dutch are known for being openminded. So yes, when visiting a spa and sauna it is mixed and it is completely naked. The Netherlands is home to some amazing luxurious spa and wellness centers such as Zuiver and Deco in Amsterdam, Thermen la Mer in Almere, Veluwse Bron and Thermen Bussloo in the east of The Netherlands, Sauna Devarana in Den Bosch and Spa Sereen near Utrecht. Most have an indoor and outdoor area, perfect for tanning without tan lines. Combine your visit with a beauty treatment, hamam session or massage for the complete experience. Most luxury hotels also include a small spa, but due to its international guests, swimwear is required. You can however find private spa's and hotel suites with spa facilities that are a great alternative.

Invite your escort for a romantic picnic in the park

Very few things are more romantic than preparing a basket with something a blanket, something to eat, some bubbly and just chill in the park. If it is good enough for Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, it's good enough for you, right? The best parks for a picnic and perhaps a stroll are the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Euromast park in Rotterdam and Landgoed Clingendael in The Hague.

Show off the escort in her bikini at the beach

If you are lucky enough to be in The Netherlands during a truly sunny day, then make sure to ask your escort to bring her smallest bikini and head to the beach. The most popular beaches can be found in Noordwijk, Scheveningen and Bloemendaal, but The Netherlands offers other beach options as well. Build a sand castle, massage each other with suncream, take a walk and have something to eat at a trendy beach club. Our favorite beach clubs are Whoosah, Beachclub OTitus, Republiek Bloemendaal, Royal and Bloomingdale. Don't feel like getting sandy? Naughty tip... swinger club Fun4Two has a private pool as well.

Visit the zoo for ultimate cuteness

Okay, opinions vary on how animal friendly a zoo really is. But while they are there, you might as well enjoy them. Feed some animals, cuddle something adorable and comfort your high class escort when a giant snake scares her. The best zoo's in The Netherlands are the Artis in Amsterdam, Diergaarde in Rotterdam and Burgers Zoo in Arnhem.