Wonderful things to do during longer escort bookings

Wonderful things to do during longer escort bookings

Suggestions during a 48 hour booking with a high class escort

At the moment, short exciting trips are something we can only look forward to with sorrow, or memories to swoon away with. In order to stimulate your senses, we give in this blog some suggestions for bookings of two days with one of our high class escorts. So you have something to look forward to.

Culture and wellness in the Amsterdam area

At the end of the afternoon you will meet with your favorite high class escort at your hotel in Amsterdam. The first evening starts with a delicious and extensive dinner in Amsterdam. After a tasty culinary evening and even tastier erotic night, you wake up the next day with breakfast in bed. Amsterdam has a relatively small city center, which can be easily explored in a day. Do you want that in a special way? Then rent a trendy e-bike for two people at Scoot Amsterdam. This evening you will go for a shorter dinner followed by a performance in theater Carré, at the national opera and ballet or the city theater of Amsterdam, for some cultural entertainment. Are you impressed by the performance? Your high class escort also has a few things in store for you. After two steamy nights you will undoubtedly have to recover and that is why we propose that you go to luxury spa and wellness Zuiver in Amsterdam on the last day. We can especially recommend the 90 minute massage.

Consuming and burning calories in the Netherlands

In Zeeland, a province in the south-west of the Netherlands, there are two fantastic restaurants that offer overnight stay: Inter Scaldes and the Kromme Watergang. The surroundings in which these restaurants are located are ideal for long walks in nature and through the beautiful villages. We suggest that you leave for Zeeland on the first day around noon with your high class escort. Upon arrival, you can check in at your leisure and make full use of the room facilities. This evening a very extensive dinner awaits you, so perhaps it is the perfect time before dinner to enjoy each other's company. Just make sure your high class escort has plenty of time to dress up for dinner so that all the other diners in the restaurant are jealous of your dazzling date. Do not rush the next morning, walking on a full stomach is not pleasant. After both have recovered from this culinary treat, you will move towards a beautiful walking route to spend the rest of the day here. A small suggestion; for your second night, find an intimate apartment with a large bath and retreat with a good bottle of wine and some tasty snacks from the local caterer. This should keep you and your high class escort fulfilled during the evening and night. After all, the next morning it is time to go back home.

Like a prince and princess in Lisbon

Lisbon is only a few hours flight and a beautiful city in an even nicer environment. Portugal is known for its beautiful coastline, but the city of Lisbon is also worth a visit. In addition, Sintra is located near this city, where you feel like a real prince and princess in the most beautiful castles, as if you are in Disneyland. In the morning of your first day together you will fly to Lisbon. Lisbon airport is not far from the city so you don't need long to reach your hotel. Our personal favorite is the Corinthia hotel, but the Valverde and Memmo Principale Real also seem like excellent choices. After checkin you can explore the city. A fun way to do this is with a pedicab, which you will find in abundance in the city. The center offers beautiful buildings, lively markets and small bars to enjoy the local drinks. You do not go to Lisbon for luxury restaurants, but for cozy and intimate restaurants. These are plentiful. For your second day in Lisbon, rent a car to explore the Sintra region. Park the car near one of the beautiful castles and spend the rest of the day taking the little tuk-tuks driving from castle to castle. Put on comfortable shoes because most of the castles require a nice climb to reach the entrance gate. When you return to Lisbon, it is time for a refreshing shower to try a delicious dinner for the second time. Because of its location near the sea, you can also enjoy delicious special seafood in Lisbon. That will get you in the mood for the rest of the night. The next morning it is unfortunately time for your flight back.

Culinary indulgence in Bilbao and San Sebastian

A city that many have not yet discovered but is certainly worthwhile is the Spanish Bilbao. This city is best known for the world famous Guggenheim museum, which should not be missed during your visit to Bilbao. The first day you will fly to Bilbao in the afternoon with your high class escort. Of course you will stay very comfortable in the Carlton hotel, but the Tayko and NYX hotel are also very nice. Make sure you are checked in and refreshed before the start of the evening because this is the time when the countless pintxos bars open their doors. The delicious snacks are displayed in the bars, which you can enjoy with a glass of wine or spritzer. This way you can stroll from bar to bar all evening, until your tummies are full. Around 9:00 PM, most of the pintxos are finished and you can retire to your hotel in time. Bilbao is not very touristy. You can explore the city at your leisure in a few hours, and a visit to the Guggenheim does not have to take all day either. Therefore, in the afternoon you can leave with your rental car to nearby San Sebastian. The Basque area is wonderful for walking and driving through. In San Sebastian you will stay in Villa Birdie, a beautiful villa with a charming hostess, who will proudly show you around the villa. The villa just happens to be a few minutes walk from one of the best restaurants in the world: Arzak. Can't make a reservation here? Then book in time at Casa Camara and your hostess of Villa Birdie will tell you the unique and beautiful way to go here. An absolute romantic recommendation. The next day you reach the airport via a beautiful route along the coast and your time ends with your high class escort.