Escort look: The fit girl

Escort look: The fit girl

High class escort with sporty clothing

Have you booked a high class escort from Society Service and are you planning an athletic activity? Then ask the escort to dress in the sporty look. It’s a clothing style that’s reminiscent to the girl-next-door look, with similar items of clothing like sneakers, yoga pants or for example a sexy sports top.

However, the sporty look is different, because where the girl-next-door look only contains one or two sporty details, the sporty look consists of purely sporty garments that are specifically made for sports. Do you want the high class escort shows up sporty, even if you are not going to do a sporting activity? No problem, the toned yet feminine fit girls are a real trend at the moment. There will probably be an activity during your time together that makes you sweat!

What is the sporty look?

The name says it all, the sporty look is a clothing style which consists of only sports clothing. It’s the type of outfit in which our escorts appear when they’re going to the gym. Having said that, also when planning a different kind of activity, the escort can dress up in the sporty look. It’s just what you prefer. What does the sporty look consist of? The escort can be dressed in sports shorts with a tight sports bra and sports top. Yoga clothing, such as tight leggings with a short or long yoga top, is also possible. With this specific look, generally sneakers are worn and no heels. If you are planning to do a specific sporting activity, the escort will dress accordingly. Are you planning to invite the escort for a game of tennis? In that case, the escort will show up in tennis clothes such as short skirt with a sexy polo shirt. Do you prefer to swim? Not a bad idea, because our escorts look amazing in a tiny outfit such as a bikini.

The sporty look is also a style that looks good on our male escorts and gigolos. You can think of a training pants with a tight shirt above. You will see how athletic our male escorts are built and that the sporty look fits them very well.

Sporty escorts

Out off all of our escorts, there are two who are built so sporty and athletic, we would like to give them some extra attention. First we would like to introduce you to Alexis. This lively and seductive young lady has all the characteristics of a dream woman. She is sweet, sexy, spontaneous and above all she has a figure that looks fantastic in sporty clothing. The other lady we wouldn’t want you to miss out on is our Chloe. This beautiful blonde is a mix between the lovely girl next door and the lady your mother has always warned you about. In addition to her kind and adventurous personality, Chloe has an enchanting body. She’s tall, slim and a former bikini model. Chloe has it all, so to speak, and is both a challenge for the mind and for the body.