Special Pornstar Experience elements

Special Pornstar Experience elements

What can you expect from the Pornstar Experience at our high class escortservice?

Do you fantasize about a naughty and uninhibited experience with a high class escort from Society Service? Then our Pornstar Experience (PSE) is definitely for you! Unlike the Girlfriend Experience, which mainly focuses on a romantic and intimate erotic experience, a large number of our escorts offer an experience with a high pornographic content. If you want to know what to expect when you book the Pornstar Experience, read on.

Although we discuss the Pornstar Experience quite explicitly in this blog, we would like to emphasize that these services are always very dependent on the connection between you and the escort, the moment, the mood and much more. Although an escort may be open to the Pornstar Experience, no guarantees are given. You should take this into account, especially when it concerns your first booking with our high class escort service, or if you are meeting this particular escort for the first time. Although the specifics of your booking differ per escort, we will give you an impression of what you can expect when you book one of our Pornstars!

Deep Throat oral sex by your escort

Have you booked a Pornstar Experience and the high class escort from Society Service indicates that she is open to Deep Throat? Then sit down and have a good time. Deep throat is anything but an everyday activity, but a blowjob technique in which the escort takes your penis deep down her throat. The technique was largely known through the movie Deep Throat and for good reason. Those who are lucky enough to be spoiled in this way know better than anyone: this is an experience never to be forgotten.

Pornstar Experience with Dirty Talk

Many people who have booked a high class escort from Society Service find it exciting to be addressed in a sexual way. This ranges from unequivocally commenting on the act to encouraging with words like: harder, deeper, faster. Do you find it exciting to speak a language that you would not easily use in everyday life? Then quickly book a Pornstar Experience. Before you know it, one of our escorts will whisper the most exciting words in your ear.

Sex Toys and our Naughty Box

Like Deep Throat and Dirty Talk, sex toys are one of the ingredients that make up the Pornstar Experience. Sex toys offer the necessary variety to the love game, but above all they stimulate zones that you would never reach without. If you want to know which sex toys are popular with our ladies, read this blog. This way you are not only aware of the latest toys. This way you immediately have a variety of options to surprise the escort with a super naughty gift. In addition, our escort service has a so-called Naughty Box. You can read here what to expect from it.

Kinky outfits for your high class escort

Are you crazy about Kinky Outfits? Book a Pornstar Experience and the high class escort will soon be happy to dress according to your taste. This could be anything: from a corset-clad mistress to latex catwoman, or from a cropped schoolgirl to a super sexy high-heeled teacher! In addition to a collection of luxury lingerie, many of our escorts have such special outfits. Does the escort not have the type of outfit you prefer? Then you can find the sizes in the profiles of our escorts to purchase an outfit that meets all your fantasies.

Anal sex at our escortservice

Do you have a penchant for anal sex? Depending on the booking and the moment, some of our escorts are certainly interested in this. If you have booked a Pornstar Experience in combination with a high class escort who is open to A-levels, we would like to emphasize: always listen carefully to what the escort has to say and give her full control at all times. Take it from us, whoever does this carefully can rest assured that a long-cherished wish will soon come true!