Special (clothing) requests

Special requests are welcome at our escortservice

There is nothing wrong with expressing any special request you might have. Our escorts will always do their very best to accommodate them.

We will always ask you for your clothing preferences so if you have something specific in mind, please let us know. Our escorts all dress discreet, elegant and feminine with a luxurious lingerie surprise underneath.

Most of our high class escorts are non smokers. It's however okay if you wish to smoke. In case you are a non-smoker but your escort is a smoker, she will refrain from smoking during and before the booking, unless otherwise agreed.

If you have a special sexual request, a fantasie that you want to make reality, the escort will always be open to discussing your fantasie and together try and make it come true.

Your escort is refusing my special fantasy. Now what?

No means no. Sexuality is not only very personal, it heavily depends on the mood and the person. Aside from full commitment to create a mutually enjoyable and special encounter, no absolute guarantees can therefore be made. What we can guarantee you however, is that our escorts practice safe sex only.